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  Find out what's happening on Ropin' the Web and with Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development by signing up for Agri-News: This Week in Agriculture. Each issue of the e-newsletter is between 55 KB and 65 KB, making it accessible to subscribers with dial-up connections. A 55 KB issue of the newsletter, for example, takes about 15 seconds to download on a 28.8 KB connection, and eight seconds on a 56 KB connection. This e-newsletter is available in both HTML and Text formats.

Every Monday we will send you an e-mail with the week's top stories and latest updates on Ropin' the Web. Along with finding out what's new on the web site, you'll get links to information that has been revised by Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development's specialists.

The e-newsletter categorizes the information by subject area, and includes a features section, business, livestock, crops, environment, statistics, research, rural development, jobs in agriculture and coming events. During the growing season we also feature pest information.

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Last Reviewed/Revised on January 2, 2015.