Bulk Milk Grader Licence

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Alberta Agriculture and Forestry

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Tel: 403-948-8510
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Licence Details
  A person must be licenced under the Dairy Industry Act and the Dairy Industry Regulation in order to operate as a Bulk Milk Grader in Alberta.

Bulk Milk Graders play an important role in the dairy industry ensuring that only milk of good quality is picked up at the dairy farms and that it is transported in accordance with the Dairy Industry Act and Dairy Industry Regulation. A prospective Bulk Milk Grader must pass both a written exam and a practical exam before a licence will be issued. A copy of the Bulk Milk Grader Study Guide can be ordered through Inspection and Investigation Section.
Bulk Milk Graders are subject to random inspections.

A Bulk Milk Grader Licence costs $100.00 for a five-year licence and is renewable January 1.

The Bulk Milk Grader Manual and Study Guide (1.2 MB PDF) is available on-line for your review.

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Last Reviewed/Revised on January 16, 2019.