Special Milk Class Permit Program

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Program Information


Canadian Dairy Commission

For Further Information Contact:

Tel: 613-792-2010 Fax: 613-792-2009
Web: http://www.cdc-ccl.gc.ca/CDC/index-eng.php?id=3813
Email: martine.leblanc@cdc-ccl.gc.ca
Further processors, distributors and animal feed manufacturers

Program Details
  The Special Milk Class Permit Program (SMCPP) was created by the Canadian Milk Supply Management Committee (CMSMC) in 1995. The Canadian Dairy Commission was authorized by the CMSMC to carry out the administrative requirements associated with this program.

The main objective of the SMCPP is to provide eligible further processors, distributors and animal feed manufacturers with the means to access Canadian manufactured dairy ingredients, at prices that will allow them to remain competitive in the marketplace. Information guides and application forms can be found on MILKingredients.ca, a Web site sponsored by the Canadian Dairy Commission.

On the same Web, are several editions of Ingredients Mag Express, a bulletin where permit holders can find information on special class prices as well as other useful data on dairy ingredients.

For more information please contact::

Martine Leblanc
Marketing Program Officer
Tel: (613) 792-2057
Toll free: 1-866-366-0676
E-mail: martine.leblanc@cdc-ccl.gc.ca

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