Remote Area Heating Allowance Program

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Program Information


Alberta Agriculture and Forestry

For Further Information Contact:

Tel: 780-427-0125 Fax: 780-422-1613
Application Deadline
Mar 31, 2021
Downloadable Forms
Remote Area Heating Allowance Program - downloadable Word file (.doc) 275K
Remote Area Heating Allowance Program - downloadable Word file (.docx) 193K
Remote Area Heating Allowance Program - downloadable PDF 208K

Program Details
  The Remote Area Heating Allowance Program was established in 1980 to reduce the cost of heating fuels for those Albertans who did not have access to natural gas service. These individuals generally reside in remote locations in the province. The program has been extended several times, the last being November 2018. It is currently scheduled to expire March 31, 2021.

The program provides direct rebates of up to 25% of the cost of fuel (less GST and Carbon Levy) on consumption up to 18,185 litres (4,000 gallons) of propane or 12,275 litres (2,800 gallons) of heating oil per year, or a proportionate combination of both. The average rebate is approximately $450.

Direct Deposit Set-Up for Remote Area Heating Allowance Payment
If you are eligible for the Remote Area Allowance Rebate, we are recommending you authorize Alberta Agriculture and Forestry to deposit your payment directly into your bank account. Not only will this provide you with quicker access to your rebate, it also provides additional security from your cheque being lost or stolen. A confirmation letter will be issued to you advising that your rebate has been processed and will be deposited to your account. If this arrangement meets with your satisfaction, then please complete the Application for Direct Deposit.
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