Cows and Fish Program

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Alberta Riparian Habitat Management Society

For Further Information Contact:

Tel: 403-381-5538

Program Details
  The Alberta Riparian Habitat Management Society, known as "Cows and Fish", is striving to foster a better understanding on how improvements in grazing management on riparian areas can enhance landscape health and productivity, for the benefit of cattle producers and others who use and value riparian areas. Riparian areas are the lands adjacent to streams, river, lakes and wetlands, where the vegetation and soils are strongly influenced by the presence of water.

We are available to help landowners, agricultural producers, stewardship groups and communities to:

  • Understand riparian area functions and values.
  • Examine and monitor the health of their riparian areas.
  • Evaluate and suggest management strategies.
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Last Reviewed/Revised on March 6, 2018.