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Farm Credit Canada

For Further Information Contact:

Tel: 888-332-3301

Program Details
  Farm Credit Canada has a wide range of financing options available. Options include the following:

Real Property Loans

Variable – FCC's best variable mortgage interest rate that includes a 10% pre-payment privilege and the option to convert to a fixed interest rate
Open – a variable mortgage interest rate with full prepayment privilege and the option to convert to a fixed interest rate
Fixed Closed – low mortgage rate that is fixed for the term of the loan
Fixed Rate – low mortgage rate that is fixed for the term of the loan with a 10% prepayment option included

Personal Property Loans

Variable – FCC's best variable personal property rate (prepay any amount at any time and convert to a fixed rate at your discretion)
Open Rate – low rate fixed for the term of your personal property loan with the benefit of prepayment without penalty
Closed Rate – FCC's lowest rates fixed for the term of your personal property loan

Loans Through a Crop Retailer, Livestock Supplier or Equipment Dealer

Crop Inputs – draw against your pre-approved loan at any time and schedule payments around your cash flow
Feeder Cattle and Breeding Livestock – purchase through a participating livestock supplier and get customized financing with faster equity realization and no prepayment penalties
Equipment Financing – when you buy new or used farm equipment and finance through a participating equipment dealer, you'll work with people who know the industry
Equipment Leasing – lease new or used equipment at participating dealerships, plus benefit from less money up front, lower payments and increased flexibility

Feature-specific Loans

Interest-only payments
1-2-3 Grow – manage your cash flow with interest-only payments until you get a return on your investment
Cash Flow Optimizer – make interest-only payments while re-investing funds into other areas of your operation, giving you the control to make principal payments when you choose

Deferred Payments

Flexi-Loan – defer principal payments for up to one year to take advantage of opportunities or ease cash flow during adverse conditions.
Start Now – Pay Later – better manage your cash flow with deferred payments while getting your operation up and running

Extended Disbursement

Capacity Builder – purchase quota or breeding livestock with pre-approved financing for up to 18 months and the option to capitalize interest
Construction – defer your principal payments while you build or expand, with interim financing for up to 18 months on construction projects
Enviro-Loan – defer principal payments while constructing, improving or expanding your operation when you improve environmental facilities
Transition Loan – special payment options that benefit both the buyer and seller in a farm transfer

Credit Lines

Advancer – use this pre-approved, secured loan with the flexibility to re-advance funds at your discretion for capital asset purchases
FCC Credit Line – keep your day-to-day operations running smoothly with this revolving, pre-approved loan you can access any time to finance your short term operating costs

Niche Loans

Young Farmer – a loan for farmers under 40 to purchase ag-related assets up to $500,000
Performer – get rewarded with lower interest rates when your business achieves pre-set financial goals and ratios
Spring Break – customize your payment schedule to match your irregular cash flow
Energy – convert to renewable energy sources , specifically biogas, geo-thermal, wind or solar power
American Currency – if you derive a lot of your revenue in U.S. dollars, you can borrow and make payments in U.S. dollars

For more information call 1-888-332-3301, email an FCC Representative or find an FCC office near you.

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Last Reviewed/Revised on November 30, 2017.