Irrigation Management Climate Information Network

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Irrigation Branch
Alberta Agriculture and Forestry

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Program Details
  The content of the Irrigation Management Climate Information Network (IMCIN) site is intended to provide the irrigation industry in Alberta with up-to-date information on Irrigated Crop Water Use and Decision Support Tools to help irrigators make on farm water management decisions.

Whether you are an irrigation water user, water manager or affiliated in some other way with irrigated crop production, the IMCIN web page will keep you up to date with current data, heat units and provide crop water use information and a forecast for crop water requirements (IRRI-Cast) throughout the major irrigated areas of southern Alberta.

It is through the cooperation of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Environment Canada, Alberta Environment, and Agriculture and Rural Development that the information on the IMCIN site is made possible.

The Agro-Climatic data collected and posted on this page reflects measured amounts at specific meteorological stations throughout southern Alberta. Actual conditions in any given locality/field, particularly for precipitation, could vary noticeably from that which is recorded at the given meteorological station.

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Last Reviewed/Revised on August 14, 2013.