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FIR$T version 2.11 – Computer Software

If you want to learn more before installing FIR$T on your computer, click on the following link to open the FIR$T User Guide.

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FIR$T (Feedlot Investment Risk Simulation Tool) helps you analyze the risks and returns of cattle feeding investments. It is available for free download from this web page.

What is FIR$T?

The Feedlot Investment Risk `Simulation Tool (FIR$T) analyzes cattle feeding investments. It uses advanced computer simulation techniques to add powerful risk assessment capabilities to traditional break-even and cost of gain calculations.

What's New in FIR$T version 2.11?

  • Units for all feed ingredients have been standardized as metric tonnes.
  • Barley and silage no longer have dedicated lines in the ration table. This provides more flexibility when using other feed grains (corn, wheat, etc.)
  • Modifications are necessary when using old data files! See the User Guide for more information.
FIR$T's Features
  • FIR$T uses computer simulation to forecast cost of gain, expected profit and breakeven levels, along with the associated risks.
  • FIR$T incorporates your highest, most likely and lowest estimates for 4 key cattle marketing variables (feed grain price, cattle futures price, basis and currency exchange rate).
  • FIR$T adds risk evaluation to the process by calculating your expected Return on Equity (ROE) as well as the probability associated with that return.
  • FIR$T presents these results in easy-to-understand tables and graphs.
  • FIR$T is designed to analyze and compare up to 6 cattle feeding opportunities at once.
  • FIR$T is intended for the evaluation of cattle feeding situations within the province of Alberta. See “Limitations of FIR$T” in the User Guide.
System Requirements
  • Pentium with Intel, Celeron or AMD Processor.
  • This version has been designed to run on Windows 2000 and XP. Its performance with other operating systems has not been determined.
  • CropChoice$ - crop risk analysis software (uses the same underlying concepts and techniques as FIR$T)
  • AgriProfit$ - AgriProfit$ economic, financial & business management information for Alberta beef producers
  • RiskChoices - helps develop an overall risk management process. Useful when risks are strategic in nature or when numbers are not available.
  • FIR$T was produced by Alberta Agriculture & Food’s Economics Unit and Ag. Commercialization Branch.
Feedback and Questions
  • To provide feedback or if you have any questions please contact:

    The Alberta Ag-Info Centre
    Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development
    Toll-free 310 FARM (310-3276).

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