Hort Snacks - August 2018

  Hort Snacks - August 2018
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 Welcome to another edition of Hort Snacks. It seems unfair that the summer can fly by so quickly. I’m sure that your days are full of tasks, all vying for attention and top priority. While I know that many of my days are slow and easy-going compared to yours, there are lots of times when a few more hours of daylight feel necessary. It can be challenging to maintain this feverish pace. Take care of yourselves.

In this edition, some of the focus of the materials is on working with the people that we surround ourselves with, which allows us to get everything done. This can be family members, full or part-time, permanent or seasonal staff, or even volunteers. However they came to be with you, keeping them happy, motivated and engaged is important. Hopefully some of the articles and tidbits will be of use to you. In addition to those articles, you’ll also find information on some of the new (and already launched) Canadian Agricultural Partnership programs, plus some pests that pop up from time to time.

I hope that I can get out and see some of you. I’d love to visit all of you, but teleportation isn’t progressing at the pace I’d like, so we’ll have to rely on technology. Feel free to drop me a quick note from time to time to let me know how things are going vis--vis the growing season and the harvest. The better and clearer picture that I have of what is going on out there, the easier it is to understand what is needed.

Rob Spencer, Commercial Horticulture Specialist

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This information published to the web on July 30, 2018.