Parent alert: the hazards of grain

  Safety Break Fall 2018
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There are many hazards associated with grain and grain storage. Whether it’s respiratory hazards, fall hazards, fire hazards or grain entrapment, it’s important to understand the dangers of grain handling. With children’s curiosity, flowing grain can become mesmerizing in both sight and sound. It takes less than 5 seconds to become trapped in flowing grain, and 10 seconds to become completely buried. To reduce children’s susceptibility to injury and death involving grain, consider implementing the following safety strategies on your farming operation,
  • Supervision is key to keeping kids safe around grain. Young kids have short attention spans and are curious by nature, which means they are here one minute and gone the next!
  • Always look for children before, during, and after unloading activities.
  • Never leave a wagon or truck unattended.
  • Lock all doors, gates, and discharge chutes on grain bins, trucks and wagons.
  • Ensure ladders and grain elevator legs are high enough that children cannot climb them.
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This information published to the web on October 16, 2018.