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  From the February 4, 2019 issue of Agri-News
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 Thinking about farming hemp for the first time or growing a small test plot? Norquest College is now offering its online Hemp Farming Course.

The course was created with input from experienced hemp farmers and industry experts and is designed for conventional or organic farmers who are considering this crop.

“We talk about everything, from seeding it to managing the crop as it grows, pest control, weather conditions, and harvesting is a huge component,” says Andrea Eriksson, business development officer with Norquest College. “Harvesting is really specific on what kind of end products you are looking to produce and what business you’re going to be selling your crop to.”

Students will also get tips about harvesting hemp from four farmers located in different geographic climates across Canada. Farmers who currently grow industrial hemp may also gain a deeper understanding of how to harvest hemp for different business end uses by taking this course.

Go to www.norquest.ca/hemp to register for the course or to find more information. The course is comprised of five modules and will take six hours to complete. People can register at any time, and they have 90 days from their registration to complete the course. The second online course – Hemp Processing and Products – will be accepting applications starting March 7, 2019.


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This information published to the web on January 31, 2019.