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  From the February 11, 2019 issue of Agri-News
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 The Environmental Stewardship and Climate Change Producer Program under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership (the Partnership) continues to accept applications. Karen Yakimishyn, livestock environment engineer with Alberta Agriculture and Forestry, looks at the program details and what to consider when applying.

This program supports producers in reducing negative impacts on the environment while enhancing sustainable production, managing climate change and increasing profitability in the agriculture sector. It includes three areas of funding.

Grazing Management looks specifically at the protection of a water body. “Riparian fencing, offsite watering, water crossing, or anything to do with reducing the environmental risk to a water body can be funded under this category,” says Yakimishyn.

Manure and Livestock Facilities Management is the second category. She notes that producers need to demonstrate they are addressing an existing environmental risk. “It is really important when you go through the application process that you are specific about the risk you are addressing on the form.”

Agricultural Input and Waste Management is the third category covered by the program. Explains Yakimishyn, “This is a new area that includes areas such as variable rate technologies, and some of the plastics waste management. Take a look at this category and see where you project may fit.”

“This category is also where we are capturing projects that are looking at the mitigation of carbon emissions either in the soil or in the air,” she adds. “And perhaps where producers are looking at trying to adapt to climate change – so some technologies or projects that they are looking at will help them with our changing climate.”

Yakimishyn says that this program is similar to past programs under Growing Forward, but there have been changes. “Under Grazing Management, if you are dealing with a manmade water supply in your watering project, you will need to apply to the Partnership’s Farm Water Supply Program instead.”

The other change concerns cost sharing. “It is assigned on an application basis,” she explains. “Now the cost shares will be 70, 50 or 30 per cent and will be based on a merit system which looks at the level of risk for each project.

Yakimishyn offers some advice when applying to the program. “Any work invoiced prior to the date that our office received your application is not eligible. You need to start your project after you have submitted your application. Make sure to read the application information. It will help you determine if your project is eligible, and it will help you correctly complete the application.”

Go to the Environmental Stewardship and Climate Change Producer Program webpage for more information, application forms, terms and conditions as well as eligibility requirements. Email or contact the Alberta Ag-Info Centre at 310-FARM (3276) for additional information.

In Alberta, the Partnership represents a federal - provincial investment of $406 million in strategic programs and initiatives for the agricultural sector. This program is one of 15 offered in Alberta through the Partnership funding.

Find more information about the Canadian Agricultural Partnership in Alberta at

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