Refreshing how Alberta farmers manage environmental risk

  From the November 19, 2018 issue of Agri-News
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 Keeping current with technology and security is an ever-evolving process for the Alberta Environmental Farm Plan (AEFP). The online platform that helps Alberta farmers manage environmental risk across the province now has an updated look and functionality.

With farmers using technology in all aspects of their business, the platform must be easy to use. While most of the content will remain the same, the platform will see improved mobile functionality, an updated look for the platform and improving contact with AEFP’s 50+ technicians across the province.

“The intent is to keep pace with the needs of Alberta farmers. We find that the platform has helped farmers complete their environmental farm plans online when other options may not have worked for their business, so we know the online tool is making an impact. At the same time, keeping everyone’s information secure is as important to us. We implement safety steps such as using companies with servers located here in Canada rather than offshore servers,” notes AEFP director, Paul Watson. “Eventually the work producers put into the online workbook needs to translate into the real world and we find that improving the online tool means that many farmers have their environmental farm plans at their fingertips in their fields and pastures where they most often need it.”

Supported through the Canadian Agriculture Partnership, the Alberta Environmental Farm Plan is a voluntary, self-assessment tool that helps farmers be globally competitive by managing their environmental risks. Starting in 2003, over 10,000 farmers have completed an environmental farm plan with the help of over 50 technicians based across the province. For more information, go to

To arrange for a demonstration, connect with the AEFP program director, or schedule an interview contact:

Paul Watson
Program Director

Carlene Schneider
Agricultural Communications Consultant
Alberta Environmental Farm Plan

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This information published to the web on November 15, 2018.