Alberta Canola contributes more than $1.5 million to the Canola Agri-Science Cluster

  From the September 10, 2018 issue of Agri-News
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 Alberta Canola has announced a $1.5 million investment for canola research in the new Canola Agri-Science Cluster. Investment in canola research is essential to Alberta farmers’ ability to continue contributing to economic growth and job creation in their communities.

The federal government will provide $12.1 million under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership towards the $20 million Canola Agri-Science Cluster.

“Funding the new $20 million Canola Agri-Science Cluster is essential to help farmers find solutions to agronomic challenges including clubroot, blackleg and flea beetles,” said Renn Breitkreuz, chair of Alberta Canola who farms near Onoway.

In addition to core funding provided to the Canola Council of Canada, Alberta Canola is contributing an additional $1.03 million over five years specifically for the Canola Agri-Science Cluster.

“Collaboration with SaskCanola, the Manitoba Canola Growers Association and the canola industry allows Alberta Canola to leverage every checkoff dollar at a rate of over 11 to 1,” added Breitkreuz.

The new knowledge resulting from this research is expected to:
    • Reduce input costs and reduce risk from pests, pathogens and environmental changes
    • Increasing demand by enhancing canola’s attributes for non-traditional uses
    • Advance environmental performance in canola processing
    • Reduce reliance on pesticides by providing growers with new tools
    • Expand understanding of how canola can mitigate climate change
“Jointly developed research aimed at making canola growers in Alberta more successful will allow the Canadian canola industry to excel,” said John Guelly, chair of Alberta Canola’s Research Committee from his swather near Picardville. “Our thanks to the Canola Council of Canada for the co-ordination and administration of this valuable program”

For more information, view the Canola Agri-Science Cluster Project Themes backgrounder.

Ward Toma
Alberta Canola Producers Commission general manager

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This information published to the web on September 6, 2018.