Surface Water Treatment Information

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 Source Development and Protection | At Source Improvements | Treatment Devices and Systems | Treatment Selection and Troubleshooting

Source Development and Protection

Agricultural best management practices (203 KB PDF)
Protecting your water (Also available as 472 KB PDF)
Quality Farm Dugouts
Spring Development factsheet (397 KB PDF)

At Source Improvements

Why aerate your dugout? (87 KB PDF)
Myths about dugout aeration (89 KB PDF)
How to aerate your dugout (108 KB PDF)
Solar powered dugout aeration (277 KB PDF)
Basic electric aeration installation details and standard aeration drawings: (190 KB PDF)
Small single diaphragm assembly for aeration compressors (196 KB PDF)
Small dual diaphragm assembly for aeration compressors (198 KB PDF)
Assembly for Koenders EL2 aeration compressors (169 KB PDF)
Standard aeration installation components (123 KB PDF)
Bleeder device options for aeration compressor assembly (206 KB PDF)
Aeration Diffuser connection details 1 (172 KB PDF)
Aeration Diffuser connection details 2 (158 KB PDF)
Condensation tank construction details (146 KB PDF)
Dugout aeration system operation (85KB PDF)
Electric powered air compressors for dugout aeration (105 Kb pdf)
Aeration of Dugouts or Ponds with Compressed Air

Copper treatment for dugouts (427 KB PDF)
PMRA Information Bulletin for Copper Sulphate (Also available as 86 KB PDF)
Float Suspended Water Intake for Dugouts (235 KB PDF)
Quality Farm Dugouts

Treatment Devices and Systems

Quality Farm Dugouts (Module 7)
Approaches to water treatment (322 KB PDF)
On-Farm coagulation (137 KB PDF)
Commercial coagulation systems (813 KB PDF)
How to coagulate a dugout or cell (325 KB PDF)
Chemicals for on-farm coagulation (285 KB PDF)
Slow Sand Filter (90 KB PDF)

Treatment Selection and Troubleshooting

Quality Farm Dugouts
Prairie water quality problems (465 KB PDF)
More information will be added in this section in the future


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