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 Known as Agriculture Financial Services Corporation, AFSC offers a variety of products to serve Alberta's communities. They include:
  • Insurance Products
  • Farm, Value Added & Agribusiness and Commercial Lending Programs
  • Income Stabilization (AgriStability)
  • Disaster Assistance (AgriRecovery)

AFSC insurance products offered to the farming community include:
  • Crop Insurance
  • Honey Insurance
  • Corn Heat Unit Insurance
  • Straight Hail Insurance
  • Hay and Pasture Insurance
  • Livestock Price Insurance
  • Wildlife & Waterfowl Compensation

AFSC has several lending products for primary producers, agribusiness, and commercial enterprises, uniquely designed to suit various levels of business development, under four key programs:
  • Alberta Farm Loan Program (AFLP)
  • Value-Added and Agribusiness Loan Program (VAAP)
  • Commercial Loan Program (CLP)
  • Specific Loan Guarantee Program (SLGP)
  • AFSC also provides the following services:
  • Financial Counseling Services
  • Business Plan Development Assistance
Overview of AFSC Programs

In contributing to broader Government of Alberta (GOA) goals, Agriculture Financial Services Corporation provides unique financial services to grow Alberta. Working closely with Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development, AFSC delivers programming to the benefit of Albertans and contributes to agricultural strategy and policy at provincial and federal levels. AFSC contributes to the agriculture economy by developing and providing unique Business Risk Management (BRM) solutions in the rural economy. AFSC also partners with Alberta’s small businesses, farms, value-added industries and agribusinesses by providing unique capital and lending solutions in Alberta’s rural economy.

AFSC offers a wide variety of risk management products and financial services to fit the business needs of farmers, the agriculture industry and small businesses in Alberta. Its products and services are not readily available from conventional sources to the industry. AFSC provides loans and guarantees to primary agriculture producers as well as emerging and expanding value-added and agribusiness and commercial operations. AFSC also delivers to primary agriculture producers BRM programs such as income stabilization, disaster assistance, insurance for crops, and livestock price insurance.

Additional AFSC Program information is available in AFSC’s Annual Report.

For more information about available products, visit the AFSC web site
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This information published to the web on November 6, 2002.
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