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 Pasture/Yearling Returns

The Wealthy Rancher Calculator will assist you, using profit centres as the foundation, in gaining financial control of your pasture/yearling/cow-calf business. It is designed to help graziers tell their money where to go rather than trying to figure out where it went. Each operation is unique, as each grazier is unique. However the questions are the same; what is pasture worth? What is my cost/lb. gain on pasture? What should I pay to rent or buy pasture? The Wealthy Rancher Calculator will divide your farm into profit centres, treat each one as a separate business, and let you know where you are making money.

All you have to do is click on which enterprise (yearling or cow-calf) you want to work on and then enter your production figures in the yellow area and the calculator will do the rest. The calculator divides your ranch into profit centres and gives you an estimated return for each. It will show what return you can expect from each enterprise. Whether you are a landowner, a custom grazier, or a livestock producer, allocating your own figures (expenses as well as revenues) in this manner, can help you assess the financial situation of any segment of your business.

This is a great tool for looking at “what if” scenarios.

Download software:
Wealthy Rancher Calculator Version 3.1.xls - 63K

This calculator was provided by:
Arnold Mattson
AAFC –Science & Technology Branch

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