Alberta Crop Report - June 7, 2007

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The June 7, 2007 Crop Report is also available as a PDF document on the AFSC website.

Prepared by:
James Wright
Project Manager
AFSC, Lacombe AB

2007 has been a very difficult year for producers attempting to seed their crops. It also has demonstrated how changes in technology and cultural practices have provided producers with the ability to seed large numbers of acres in very short periods of time. The past two weeks brought drier weather interrupted by short periods of significant precipitation events which allowed producers the opportunity to make significant seeding progress. Provincially, seeding is estimated to be 88% completed with a further 7% expected to be seeded before the window closes. 5% of the province is expected to remain unseeded this year with the bulk of these acres in the western portion of central Alberta and in the Peace River block.

Subsoil moisture is rated very good at 0% poor/ 7% fair/ 46% good/ 43% excellent/ 4% excessive. Hay and pasture crops are rated at 88% good/excellent. Warmer weather would improve these ratings.

Lethbridge Region
Seeding is close to completed in most areas across the south with the exception of the Strathmore area, east of Calgary, which is only 85% complete. Unseeded acres in the region are expected to be 1% with most of these acres in the NW.

Crop performance is as follows:

Winter wheat is performing well with crop stage averaging the early boot stage.

Subsoil moisture is rated 0% poor/ 8% fair/ 60% good/ 30% excellent/ 2% excessive. Pasture and hay crops are rated 97% good/excellent with the harvesting of 1st cut alfalfa hay on irrigation beginning.

Red Deer Region
Across Central Alberta, 81% of the region is seeded with a further 12% expected to be seeded. Approximately 7% of the region is anticipated to remain unseeded this year. All areas will have unseeded acres, with the NW corner around Lacombe, Red Deer, Olds and Rocky Mountain House expected to have unseeded acres of 10% or more. The lateness of seeding this year is reflected in the emergence and average crop stage data below.

Crop performance is as follows:

Winter wheat condition is rated very good as it enters the late flag leaf stage.

91% of the region rates subsoil moisture as good/excellent with the remaining 9% rated as excessive. 98% of pasture and hay crops are rated good/excellent.

Camrose Region
In the North Central area of the province, seeding is 90% completed with a further 7% expected to be seeded. It is anticipated that approximately 3% will remain unseeded with the most affected areas in the NW portion due principally to low areas which remain too wet to access. Crops are late with only half to two thirds having emerged to date.

Crop performance is as follows:

Subsoil moisture is rated as 0% poor/ 13% fair/ 61% good/ 25% excellent/ 1% excessive.
Pasture and hay conditions are rated 1% poor/ 15% fair/ 60% good/ 24% excellent. Some forage crops on lighter land in the western portion of the region are exhibiting a need for precipitation.

Fairview Region
The Peace River block has made very good seeding progress over the past two weeks based on receiving warmer, drier weather. The region is reporting 84% seeded with a further 4% expected to be seeded. The remaining 12% is expected to be unseeded this year based on topography and soil types. The most affected areas will be the south and the west central portions where as much as 20% of the acres could remain unseeded this year.

Crop performance is as follows:

Subsoil moisture is rated 0% poor/ 2% fair/ 38% good/ 52% excellent/ 8% excessive. Pastures and hay crops are rated 4% poor/ 24% fair/ 59% good/ 13% excellent. The lower ratings are principally in areas where forage crops suffered severe drought conditions in 2006.

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This information published to the web on June 26, 2007.