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Traceability is a crucial component of an effective animal health and food safety system that enables precise and rapid emergency response to protect livestock, producers and consumers. We know that systems that allow for the tracing of livestock and poultry throughout the production supply chain are invaluable. Traceability in Alberta relies on three fundamental pillars of premises identification, animal identification and animal movement.

During an emergency response, which could include disease outbreaks, floods or fires, access to up-to date information is critical. Determining where animals are, where they have been and what other animals they have come into contact with allows for efficient emergency planning and response. Traceability is an investment that helps mitigate risks and protect Alberta producers as well as their livestock and poultry operations by reducing the overall impact of the event in size and scale.

Alberta’s livestock and poultry industries, in collaboration with the Government of Alberta, have established themselves as leaders in adopting traceability.

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