Alberta Feed Grain and Peas for Sale or Wanted

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 Feed grain - peas for sale | Feed grain - peas wanted

Please Note: This listing is for feed grain and peas intended for feeding to livestock. We do not accept listings of seed grain. Grain listed on this page will not be identified by variety name, germination percentage or as suitable for use as seed.

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WARNING Buyers and Sellers!
Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development in no way guarantees the quality of this feed grain and or peas or the integrity of the buyer or sellers. You must be aware of the risks of the market place. Go look at the grain/peas before you buy it and make sure you get paid before the grain/peas leaves your place.

Fraud Alert: Be aware that you may be contacted by fraud artists posing as buyers who issue you overpayments with cheques, money orders, or certified cheques. Before completing transactions or issuing refunds for overpayments, have your bank verify that the cheques or money orders you have received are valid. Visit the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre web site for more information.

Feed Grain - Peas for Sale

Victoria Ross
Brewer's spent grains for sale. Crude protein between 20-26%. $50 - $100 a load. Located in outskirts Calgary NE. Please call/text if interested.
Calgary, AB
Phone: 250-309-7232
Submitted Mar 19, 2018

Lloyd Kadatz
For sale approx. 90 M tonnes of Dry 42lb feed Oats. $180/M tonne fob in yard
New Sarepta, AB.
Phone: 780-941-2104
Submitted Feb 15, 2018

Trevor Scammell
For sale 5000 bushels feed oats. 12.5% moisture/dry. 46lbs. $3.00
Debolt, AB
Phone: 780-897-4291
Submitted Jan 23, 2018

.Feed Grain - Wanted

Mike Hofer
Want 220mt of dry yellow feed peas. 60lbs. Market price.
Bassano, AB
Phone: 403-363-3794
Submitted Mar 14, 2018

Ed Hofer
Want 25000 bushels of good quality feed barley. 50lbs. 9 - 11 protein, no vomi toxins or ergot. $4.75
Foremost, AB
Phone: 587-787-2440 ext 814
Submitted Mar 6, 2018

Markus Kerstane
Want 20,000 Bushels 42/lb ,wet, heated, light, spring trash, bugs, Oats. Price $2.25 based on delivered to Barrhead. Discounts applied on a case by case basis.
Barrhead, AB.
Phone: Cell: 780-674-7788
Submitted Feb 21, 2018

Markus Kerstane
Want 20,000 Bushels 57/lb ,wet, heated, light , spring trash, Wheat. Price $5.25 based on delivered to Barrhead. Discounts applied on a case by case basis.
Barrhead, AB.
Phone: 780-206-1234 Cell: 780-674-7788
Submitted Feb 21,2018

Dave Stahl
Want 25,000 bushels of soft white feed wheat. Up to 16.5% moisture. 58lbs + Will pick up within 2 hour proximity of Veteran. Please call with price.
Veteran, AB
Phone: 403-575-5783
Submitted Feb 8, 2018

Steven Lunty
Want 10,000 bushels of feed oats and/or barley. Price will be determined by type, condition, weight etc.
Bentley, AB
Phone: 403-396-5662
Submitted Feb 6, 2018

Westview Cattle Co
Want 10,000 bushels of feed barley. 48lbs. No ergot. Market price.
Consort, AB
Phone: 403-575-0465
Submitted Feb 5, 2018

Travis Page
Want 2000 bushels of plump Master/Super feed oats. 46lbs. $3.00
Didsbury, AB
Phone: 403-335-4561 403-994-1065
Submitted Jan 29, 2018

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