Canadian Consumer's Attitudes and Purchasing Behaviour of Omega-3 Products

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 This joint research between the University of Alberta and Alberta Agriculture and Food was undertaken to provide information about Canadian consumers of select omega-3 products. While there has been a proliferation of omega-3 products in the Canadian food market, very little is known about consumers of omega-3 products. This study investigates whether there are significant differences between consumers and non-consumers of omega-3 products.
It is expected that the findings of the study will contribute to a better understanding of Canadian consumers, particularly consumers of omega-3 products. Such information may be useful in policy development. This information can also help processing companies effectively target their customer base in developing new products, brands and marketing strategies. Information on Alberta and Canadian consumers are especially valuable to small to medium size food processors or retailers whose marketing territory is local or domestic and who lack the resources or expertise to conduct their own consumer research.

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