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Precision farming, sometimes called site-specific farming, is an emerging technology that allows farmers to adjust for within-field variability in characteristics like soil fertility and weed populations. Precision farming uses the global positioning system (GPS), consisting of 24 satellites that transmit signals picked up by user receivers to define the receiver's location. With this information and on-board sensors, farm equipment can monitor crop yields and guide applications of crop inputs like fertilizers and herbicides.

Precision farming has the potential to reduce costs through more efficient and effective applications of crop inputs. It can also reduce environmental impacts by allowing farmers to apply inputs only where they are needed at the appropriate rate.

For more information see "What is Precision Farming?"

Research and Demonstration Projects

  • Site-Specific Management of Potatoes
  • Precision Farming Systems to Maximize Profits and Minimize Environmental Impacts
  • Precision Farming Demonstration
  • Low Budget Precision Farming on Cereals
  • Precision Farming with Dry Beans
  • Site-specific Weed Management Using Global Positioning Systems
Other Articles
Conference Proceedings

Proceedings from the "Site Specific Management .... Keys to the Future" Conference and Tradeshow held Dec. 11and 12, 2001 are available at a cost of $20 per copy by contacting Deb Sutton Alberta Agriculture, Food and Rural Development. The conference evaluation document is available as a PDF file.

Proceedings and a conference/precision farming evaluation are now available for the precision farming conference "Precision Farming..come put the pieces together!" held in Edmonton January 21 and 22, 1998.

Precision Farming Conference Proceedings. January 21-22, 1998. Edmonton, Alberta. (Cost $10.00 from Parkland Conservation Farm.


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