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 The Alberta Soil Information Viewer allows users to view and query soil data for the agricultural area of Alberta. AGRASID (Agricultural Region of Alberta Soil Inventory Database) Version 3.0 is a digital database consisting of seamless Geographic Information System (GIS) coverages and relational data files which describe the soil landscapes for the 2700 townships within this region of the province.

Metadata and related information to help understand AGRASID may be found on-line at the following sites. Click on the appropriate link below to open the site in a new browser window.

Canada - Alberta Environmentally Sustainable Agriculture (CAESA) Soil Inventory Project Procedures Manual
Canadian System of Soil Classification (third edition)
Alberta Soil Information Centre (ASIC)
CANSIS Soil Survey - Alberta

The redevelopment of the Alberta Soil Information Viewer was made possible through funding provided by the Environmental Stewardship Division of Agri-Environmental Service Branch of Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development (ARD). The Information Technology Division and Fujitsu provided valuable technical input into the redevelopment effort. Revisions to AGRASID were completed by the Research Branch of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, redevelopment of the Ortho photographic image service was made possible by input from the Irrigation and Farm Water Division of ARD.

The Alberta Soil Information Viewer was initially developed and compiled through the collaboration of: Gerry Tychon, Spatial Data Systems Consulting; David Spiess, Tim Martin and Arva Traynor, Conservation and Development Branch, Alberta Agriculture and Food and; Tony Brierley and Michael Bock, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. The project was funded and supported by Conservation and Development Branch, Alberta Agriculture and Food under the guidance of John Hermans, Branch Head.

AGRASID is the product of the Canada - Alberta Environmentally Sustainable Agriculture (CAESA) Soil Inventory Project (SIP). The project was a cooperative effort involving the Alberta Research Council, Alberta Agriculture and Food, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada - Land Resource Unit, and private sector consulting firms, culminating in the release of the AGRASID CD ROM (Version 1.0) in 1998. Funding for the project was provided through the CAESA agreement, as well as with significant contributions from the three previously mentioned Federal and Provincial agencies. Many individuals contributed to the compilation of CAESA-SIP and the production of the AGRASID CD ROM (Version 1.0). They include: James Abramenko, Harry Archibald, Paul Barlott, Sarah Boon, Tony Brierley, Simon Brookes, Adrien Chartier, Daphne Cheel, Brian Chernipeski, Gerry Coen, Carolyn Ewaschuk, Mark Fawcett, Nancy Finlayson, Marianne Gibbard, David Gibbens, Anna Hansen, John Hermans, Mark Johnson, Ed Karpuk, Len Knapik, Jan Kwiatkowski, Jennie Lutz, Bob MacMillan, Leon Marciak, Ron McNeil, Steve Moran, Larry Nikiforuk, Wayne Pettapiece, Doug Peters, Murray Riddell, Andrew Rodvang, Rieva Rosentreter, Barb Ryley, Brenda Sawyer, Jim Si, Peter Smith, Bill Souster, Arnold Stenger, Al Stewart, Joe Tajek, Conny Tomas, Holly Turner, Ger

Since 1998, AGRASID Version 1.0 information has been revised and modified. AGRASID Version 3.0 was released and distributed through the Alberta Soil Information Centre website in 2001. The editors of AGRASID Version 3.0 would like to acknowledge the technical and financial contributions of the following people and agencies, in the development of AGRASID 3.0: Peter Smith, Wayne Pettapiece, Teresa Hegg, Leon Marciak, Gerry Coen, Frank Hecker, the Conservation and Development Branch of Alberta Agriculture and Food, Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration, Ducks Unlimited, and Alberta Environmental Protection. Also the continued feedback from the users of AGRASID Version 1.0, was and is appreciated, in order to keep this digital product dynamic. Note: Example images identified with an AF copyright are the property of Alberta Agriculture and Food (AF). All copyrights are reserved (2005). Use of this image is intended for AF staff only. It may not be sold, rented or given to anyone else without the express written permission of the Information Packaging Centre.

The digital elevation model representations of the AGRASID landscape models displayed in the Alberta Soil Information Viewer are from the following publication, with permission of the authors.

MacMillan, R.A. and W.W. Pettapiece. 2000. Alberta Landforms: Quantitative morphometric descriptions and classification of typical Alberta landforms. Technical Bulletin No. 2000-2E. Research Branch, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Semiarid Prairie Agricultural Research Centre, Swift Current, SK. 118 pp.

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