Technical Interpretation Policy Manual 2011

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Chapter 1: Licensing & Responsibilities of Licensees | Chapter 2: Design & Construction of "Licensed Meat Facilities" | Chapter 3: Written Control Programs | Chapter 4: Primary Production | Chapter 5: Live Animals & Animal Welfare | Chapter 6: Ante-mortem (AM) Inspection/Examination | Chapter 7: Slaughter & Dressing Procedures | Chapter 8: Post-mortem (PM) Inspection | Chapter 9: Edible Meat Product Standards | Chapter 10: Inedible Materials | Chapter 11: Labeling & Packaging | Chapter 12: Health & Safety Hazards


The objective of the Technical Interpretation Policy Manual (TIPM) is to assist operators of “Licensed Meat Facilities” to meet their responsibilities under federal and provincial legislation and to assist inspection personnel in the performance of their duties.
Unlike an Act, or Regulation, the TIPM does not have any legal authority. It is intended to be used to provide an interpretation of what is required in the appropriate Act, or Regulation.

The TIPM does not apply to any meat products that have been exempted under the Meat Inspection Act (Canada).

Legislative documents that apply to “Licensed Meat Facilities” in Alberta include:
Meat Inspection Act (Canada)
Meat Inspection Act (Alberta)
Meat Inspection Regulations (Canada)
Meat Inspection Regulation (Alberta)
Public Health Act (Alberta)
Food Regulation (Alberta)

Some activities in provincially licensed abattoirs have to meet the requirements of federal legislation. Examples include “Animal Handling Guidelines”, Consumer Packaging and Labeling Regulations and the Food and Drug Act and associated regulations.

Meat facilities without abattoirs, other than federally licensed, must comply with the Public Health Act and with the Food Regulation.

Chapter 1: Licensing & Responsibilities of Licensees - 280K PDF

Section A - Licensing
01-A-01 Meat Facilities - Licensing of (updated September 2010)
01-A-02 Meat Facility Licence - Renewal of
01-A-03 Licence Refusals - Appeal of
01-A-04 Mobile Butchers - Licensing of (updated September 2010)

Section B - Responsibilities
01-B-01 Meat Facility Licensee - Responsibilities of
01-B-02 Meat Inspection Branch - Responsibilities of
01-B-03 Meat Inspectors - Responsibilities of
01-B-04 Mobile Butcher Licensee - Responsibilities of

Chapter 2: Design & Construction of “Licensed Meat Facilities” - 1,592K PDF
Section A - Approval Process for a New Meat Facility | Section B - Outside Premises | Section C - Design & Construction | Section D - Waste Handling Storage & Disposal | Section E - Receiving, Shipping & Storage | Section F - Cleaning & Sanitation | Section G - Temperature Controlled Areas | Section H - Ventilation | Section I - Lighting | Section J - Plumbing & Sewage Systems | Section K - Facilities for Personnel | Section L - Facilities for MIB Inspectors | Section M - Water | Section N - Equipment | Section O - Miscellaneous Requirements for Abattoirs

Section A - Approval Process for a New Meat Facility
02-A-01 New Facility Blueprint Submission & Approval (updated September 2010)
02-A-02 New Facility Final Inspection Process (updated September 2010)

Section B - Outside Premises
02-B-01 Drainage & Dust Control
02-B-02 Protection against Pests & Environmental Contaminants

Section C - Design & Construction
02-C-01 Design - Layout & Separation of Incompatible Operations
02-C-02 Design - Location of Entrances & Exits
02-C-03 Design - Product & Personnel Flow
02-C-04 Construction - Suitability of Construction Material - General
02-C-05 Construction - Ceilings & Overhead Structures
02-C-06 Construction - Floors & Walls (updated October 2011)
02-C-07 Construction - Stairs & Elevators
02-C-08 Construction - Doors & Door Frames
02-C-09 Construction - Windows & Screens (updated September 2010)
02-C-10 Construction - Shelving & Racks for Storage

Section D - Waste Handling Storage & Disposal
02-D-01 Inedible Facilities, Equipment & Containers
02-D-02 Inedible Room or Area

Section E - Receiving, Shipping & Storage
02-E-01 Shipping & Receiving Facilities
02-E-02 Dry Storage Areas
02-E-03 Shipping Vehicles - General Condition of
02-E-04 Shipping Vehicles - Incompatible Goods
02-E-05 Product Protection during Transportation (updated October 2011)
02-E-06 Product Temperature during Transportation
02-E-07 Returned Products - Receiving of

Section F - Cleaning & Sanitation
02-F-01 Facilities & Equipment - Adequacy of (updated October 2011)
02-F-02 Crate Construction & Cleaning
02-F-03 Knives & Utensils - Sanitizing of (updated October 2011)
02-F-04 Non-food Chemicals - Storage of

Section G - Temperature Controlled Areas
02-G-01 Processing Rooms - Temperature Requirements (updated September 2010)
02-G-02 Coolers & Freezers
02-G-03 Temperature Recording Devices
02-G-04 Air Flow & Humidity Control
02-G-05 Cleaning of Cooling Units
02-G-06 Separation of Un-inspected Meat
02-G-07 Product Protection during Freezing & Refrigeration (updated September 2010)
02-G-08 Poultry Chilling Equipment

Section H - Ventilation
02-H-01 Windows
02-H-02 Air Intakes
02-H-03 Vents, Filters & Ducts
02-H-04 Air Flow - General

Section I - Lighting
02-I-01 Lighting Intensity
02-I-02 Lights - Shatter Protection

Section J - Plumbing & Sewage Systems
02-J-01 Drains
02-J-02 Sewage - Handling of
02-J-03 Hand Washing Facilities

Section K - Facilities for Personnel
02-K-01 Wash Rooms
02-K-02 Lunch & Locker Rooms
02-K-03 Hand Sanitizers & Boot Baths

Section L - Facilities for MIB Inspectors
02-L-01 Inspector’s Office
02-L-02 Inspector’s Change Area, Showers & Toilets
02-L-03 Inspection Station Requirements - Red Meat Animals
02-L-04 Inspection Station Requirements - Poultry
02-L-05 Security of Held Product

Section M - Water
02-M-01 Water Supply - Amount, Temperature & Pressure
02-M-02 Potability of Water, Ice & Steam
02-M-03 Ice Making & Storage
02-M-04 Water Treatment Systems
02-M-05 Non-potable Water - Allowance for Use
02-M-06 Water Storage Facilities

Section N - Equipment
02-N-01 Equipment Construction & Installation
02-N-02 Initial Installation & Calibration of Equipment
02-N-03 Smokehouses - Design & Operation
02-N-04 Scalding, Plucking & Hair Removal Equipment
02-N-05 Water Baths & Kettles
02-N-06 Brine Making & Injection Equipment
02-N-07 Evisceration Line & Equipment
02-N-08 Carcass Washing & Dressing Equipment
02-N-09 Knocking Box & Restraints

Section O - Miscellaneous Requirements for Abattoirs
02-O-01 Rails & Supporting Structures
02-O-02 Poultry Salvaging Station
02-O-03 Giblet Salvaging Station(s)

Chapter 3: Written Control Programs - 1,882K PDF
Section A - Premises | Section B - Transportation & Storage| Section C - Equipment | Section D - Personnel | Section E - Sanitation & Pest Control | Section F - Recall | Section G - Manufacturing Controls | Section H - Audit Program | Section I Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP)

Section A - Premises
03-A-01 Product, Personnel & Equipment Flow
03-A-02 Internal Premises Inspection
03-A-03 External Premises Inspection
03-A-04 Plumbing Preventative Maintenance
03-A-05 Lighting Intensity Measurement Records
03-A-06 Potable Water - Written Program (updated October 2011)
03-A-07 Water Treatment - Written Program

Section B - Transportation & Storage
03-B-01 Receiving Procedures & Records
03-B-02 Storage Procedures & Records (updated October 2011)
03-B-03 Shipping Procedures & Records (updated September 2010)
03-B-04 Custom Order Pickup

Section C - Equipment
03-C-01 New Equipment Approval Procedures
03-C-02 Non-food Maintenance Chemicals - Approval List
03-C-03 Calibration Procedures - Records of
03-C-04 Preventative Maintenance Procedures - Records of
03-C-05 Inedible Containers & Utensils - Control of

Section D - Personnel
03-D-01 Health & Hygiene Policy
03-D-02 Cleanliness & Protective Clothing (updated October 2011)
03-D-03 Hand Washing & Gloves
03-D-04 Non-hygienic Behavior - Avoidance of
03-D-05 Hygienic Behavior for Inspectors
03-D-06 Hygienic Behavior for Visitors & Contractors
03-D-07 Hygiene Training
03-D-08 Sanitation Training
03-D-09 Manufacturing Control Training
03-D-10 Equipment Maintenance & Calibration Training

Section E - Sanitation & Pest Control
03-C-01 Role of the Inspector - re Sanitation
03-C-02 Approved Chemicals & Chemical Listing
03-C-03 Sanitation Procedures
03-C-04 Master Sanitation Schedule
03-C-05 Sanitation Records - Pre-operational Inspections
03-C-06 Pest Control Procedures
03-C-07 Pest Control Devices
03-C-08 Pest Control Records
03-C-09 Pesticide Use & Listing

Section F - Recall
03-F-01 Recall Team
03-F-02 Recall Procedures
03-F-03 Batch & Distribution Records
03-F-04 Regulatory Contacts for Recalls
03-F-05 Mock Recalls

Section G - Manufacturing Controls
03-G-01 Dressing Procedures - Red Meat Animals
03-G-02 Dressing Procedures - Poultry
03-G-03 Nitrate & Nitrite Addition
03-G-04 Fermented Meats (updated October 2011)
03-G-05 Dried - Dehydrated Products (updated October 2011)
03-G-06 Product Cooking (updated October 2011)
03-G-07 Cooked Product Cooling
03-G-08 Carcass Cooling - Red Meat (updated September 2010)
03-G-09 Carcass Cooling - Poultry (updated September 2010)
03-G-10 Written Recipes
03-G-11 Ready to Eat (RTE) Storage & Handling
03-G-12 Allergen Control Program (updated October 2011)
03-G-13 Grinding Procedures
03-G-14 Intervention Strategies (New updated October 2011)
03-G-15 Smoking of Non-RTE Products (New updated October 2011)

Section H - Audit Program
03-H-01 Audits - General (updated September 2010)
03-H-02 Annual Audits (updated September 2010)
03-H-03 Partial Audits

Section I - Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP)
03-I-01 HACCP Systems - General
03-I-02 HACCP Systems - Pre-requisite Requirements
03-I-03 HACCP Systems - Implementation of

Chapter 4: Primary Production - 110K PDF

04-A-01 On Farm Food Safety Programs
04-A-02 Livestock Documentation (Manifests)
04-A-03 Poultry Flock Health - Documentation of
04-A-04 Humane Transportation Requirements

Chapter 5: Live Animals & Animal Welfare - 547K PDF

Section A - Live Animal Receiving
05-A-01 Presence of Non-food Animals
05-A-02 Guard or Service Dogs
05-A-03 Records of Shipment
05-A-04 Livestock Yards & Holding Pens
05-A-05 Stunning & Bleeding Area
05-A-06 Segregation of Animals

Section B - Animal Welfare
05-B-01 Animal Transport Vehicles - Design & Maintenance
05-B-02 Delivery & Prompt Unloading
05-B-03 Handling of Live Animals in the Abattoir
05-B-04 Timely Slaughter
05-B-05 Sick or Non-ambulatory Animals (updated September 2010)
05-B-06 Stunning & Bleeding Practices
05-B-07 Procedures for Condemned, Dead & Suspect Animals Prior to Slaughter
05-B-08 Feed & Water Withdrawal

Section C - Poultry
05-C-01 Poultry Catching, Loading & Transport
05-C-02 Poultry Receiving & Handling
05-C-03 Poultry Stunning & Bleeding Practices (updated October 2011)

Section D - Animal Welfare Audits
05-D-01 Animal Welfare Audits - Red Meat Abattoirs
05-D-02 Animal Welfare Audits - Poultry Abattoirs

Chapter 6: Ante-mortem (AM) Inspection/Examination - 269K PDF

Section A - Ante-mortem (AM) Inspection/Examination
06-A-01 Operator Responsibilities re AM Inspection
06-A-02 Facility Requirements for AM Inspection
06-A-03 Purpose & Conduct of AM Inspections - Red Meat Animals
06-A-04 AM Abnormalities in Red Meat Animals
06-A-05 Purpose & Conduct of AM Inspections – Poultry
06-A-06 AM Abnormalities in Poultry
06-A-07 AM Pre-screening by Abattoir Personnel
06-A-08 Suspect Animals on AM Inspection
06-A-09 AM Condemnations
06-A-10 AM Care of Animals - General
06-A-11 Time Requirements for AM Inspection
06-A-12 Maintenance of Identity during the AM Inspection
06-A-13 Dispositions Following the AM Inspection

Chapter 7: Slaughter & Dressing Procedures - 631K PDF

Section A - Slaughter
07-A-01 Scheduling of Slaughters
07-A-02 Blood Collection
07-A-03 Ritual Slaughter

Section B - Dressing Procedures
07-B-01 Dressing Procedures - Cattle & Calves
07-B-02 Dressing Procedures - Hogs
07-B-03 Dressing Procedures - Sheep, Goats & Deer
07-B-04 Dressing Procedures - Elk & Bison
07-B-05 Dressing Procedures - Rabbits (Domestic)
07-B-06 Dressing Procedures - Poultry
07-B-07 Dressing Procedures - Ratites
07-B-08 Meat By-product Harvesting - Beef (updated September 2010)
07-B-09 Meat By-product Harvesting - Pork (updated September 2010)
07-B-10 Meat By-product Harvesting - Poultry (updated September 2010)
07-B-11 Meat By-product Harvesting - Miscellaneous Species (updated September 2010)
07-B-12 Intervention Strategies - Red Meat Animals (updated September 2010)
07-B-13 Intervention Strategies - Poultry (updated September 2010)

Chapter 8: Post-mortem (PM) Inspection - 574K PDF
Section A - Post-mortem (PM) Inspection - General | Section B - Post-mortem (PM) Inspection of Cattle | Section C - Post-mortem (PM) Inspections of Hogs | Section D - Post-mortem (PM) Inspection of Sheep, Goats & Deer | Section E - Post-mortem (PM) Inspection of Elk & Bison | Section F - Post-mortem (PM) Inspections of Rabbits | Section G - Post-mortem of Poultry | Section H - Post-mortem (PM) Inspection of Ratites

Section A - Post-mortem (PM) Inspection - General
08-A-01 PM Inspection - Red Meat Animals - General
08-A-02 PM Inspection - Red Meat Animals - Methods
08-A-03 PM Inspection - Red Meat Animals - Findings - General
08-A-04 Disposition after PM Inspection - All Species

Section B - Post-mortem (PM) Inspection of Cattle
08-B-01 PM Inspection - Cattle - Head
08-B-02 PM Inspection - Cattle - Thoracic Viscera
08-B-03 PM Inspection - Cattle - Abdominal Viscera
08-B-04 PM Inspection - Cattle - Carcass

Section C - Post-mortem (PM) Inspection of Hogs
08-C-01 PM Inspection - Hogs - Head
08-C-02 PM Inspection - Hogs - Thoracic Viscera
08-C-03 PM Inspection - Hogs - Abdominal Viscera
08-C-04 PM Inspection - Hogs - Carcass

Section D - Post-mortem (PM) Inspection of Sheep, Goats & Deer
08-D-01 PM Inspection - Sheep, Goats & Deer - Head
08-D-02 PM Inspection - Sheep, Goats & Deer - Thoracic Viscera
08-D-03 PM Inspection - Sheep, Goats & Deer - Abdominal Viscera
08-D-04 PM Inspection - Sheep, Goats & Deer - Carcass

Section E - Post-mortem (PM) Inspection of Elk & Bison
08-E-01 PM Inspection - Elk & Bison - Head
08-E-02 PM Inspection - Elk & Bison - Thoracic Viscera
08-E-03 PM Inspection - Elk & Bison - Abdominal Viscera
08-E-04 PM Inspection - Elk & Bison - Carcass

Section F - Post-mortem (PM) Inspection of Rabbits
08-F-01 PM Inspection - Rabbits

Section G - Post-mortem (PM) Inspection of Poultry
08-G-01 PM Inspection - Poultry - General
08-G-02 PM Inspection - Poultry - Methods
08-G-03 PM Inspection - Poultry - Findings - General

Section H - Post-mortem (PM) Inspection of Ratites
08-H-01 PM Inspection - Ratites

Chapter 9: Edible Meat Product Standards - 209K PDF

Section A - Disease Conditions
09-A-01 Trichinosis - Control of
09-A-02 Cysticercosis - Control of

Section B - Physical Characteristics
09-B-01 Meat Products - Protein Content of
09-B-02 Meat Products - Fat Content of
09-B-03 Water Retention & Absorption - Red Meat
09-B-04 Water Retention & Absorption - Poultry

Chapter 10: Inedible Materials - 620K PDF

Section A - Handling Storage & Disposal of Inedible Materials
10-A-01 Inedible Material - Handling & Storage of - General (updated October 201
10-A-02 Inedible Material (condemned) - Handling & Storage of (updated October 2011)
10-A-03 Inedible Material (non-condemned) - Handling & Storage of
10-A-04 SRM Removal & Control Program
10-A-05 Inedible Material - Removal & Receipt of
10-A-06 Inedible Material - Disposal Methods
10-A-07 Condemnations by the Facility Operator

Section B - Salvage of Inedible Material for Other Purposes
10-B-01 Salvage for Animal Food (updated October 2011)
10-B-02 Salvage for Miscellaneous Purposes (updated October 2011)

Chapter 11: Labeling & Packaging - 418K PDF

Section A - Meat Inspection Legend
11-A-01 Meat Inspection Legend - Use of (updated September 2010)

Section B - Packaging Materials
11-B-01 Packaging Materials

Section C - Label Information
11-C-01 Label Information for Pre-packaged Retail Products (updated October 2011)
11-C-02 Label Information for Custom Order Products
11-C-03 Label Information for Bulk Shipping Containers
11-C-04 Ingredient Listing & Allergen Information (updated October 2011)
11-C-05 Nutritional Facts
11-C-06 Labels Not Required

Chapter 12: Health & Safety Hazards - 269K PDF

Section A - Health Hazards
12-A-01 Heating Requirements
12-A-02 Ventilation Requirements
12-A-03 WHMIS Program for Chemicals
12-A-04 First Aid
12-A-05 Fire Safety

Section B - Safety Hazards
12-B-01 Electrical Safety
12-B-02 Propane - Safe Use of
12-B-03 Floors - Safety of
12-B-04 Overhead Equipment - Safety of
12-B-05 Safe Handling of Livestock
12-B-06 Mechanical Hazards
12-B-07 Securing of Equipment & Materials
12-B-08 Safe Use of Firearms

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