Diseases of Potatoes

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BacterialFungalViral and Viral-LikeNematode
Bacterial Ring RotBlack DotCalico MosaicColumbia Root-Knot NematodeBlackheart
Bacterial Soft RotDry RotCorky Ring RotGolden NematodeBrownheart
BlacklegEarly BlightLeaf RollRoot-Knot NematodeGrowth Cracks
Common ScabLate BlightRugose MosaicHollow Heart
LeakSpindle TuberHerbicide Damage
Phoma RotWitches' BroomPigmentation
Pink RotSecondary Tubers
Potato Wart
Powdery Scab
Seed Piece Decay
Silver Scurf
Verticillium Wilt

Late Blight
Potato Scab - Frequently Asked Questions
Powdery Scab
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This information published to the web on August 10, 2004.
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