Economic Thresholds for Insects Attacking Special Crops

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Many economic thresholds currently in use are nominal (i.e. unsupported by research). Some economic thresholds have been developed for major pests attacking crops in Western Canada. The following data have been compiled from various sources including the guidelines published by the Western Committee on Crop Pests and are indicative of the threshold recommendations being made.


Canary GrassMore than 50 per head between heading and soft dough.
Field PeasDUsually from 1-4 aphids/20 cm stem tip when 50-75% of plants have begun to flower (27) (28) (40).

Economic thresholds for pea aphids per 20 cm tip at various expected returns and control costs in field peas (40)

Beet Leafminer

Sugar beetOnly infestations causing more than 25% defoliation require treatment (26).


SafflowerMore than 15/m²


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