Aquatic Invasive Species Risk Analysis Sept 10-11, 2012

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 Many great minds met in Waterton to get a strategy together on how to address Aquatic Invasive Species in the Crown of the Continent. Rather than being bogged down by all aquatics, focus was on zebra mussels, quagga mussels and Eurasian Water Milfoil. Also used these species because Alberta is not known to have them. Representation of potential affected parties was astounding. Here’s the group that were at the table.
Ian Dyson (Environment and Sustainable Resource Development - ESRD) ; Martin Bundred (ESRD); Mary Metz (ESRD); Caryn Miske (Flathead Basin Commission) , Dennis Madsen (Parks Canada); Bill Dolan (Tourism Parks and Recreation - TPR); Todd Kemper (Environment Canada); Tim Romanow (Milk River Watershed Council); Terry Kosinski (ESRD); Gavin Berg (ESRD); Gary Byrtus (ESRD); Dave Ardell (ESRD); Nicole Kimmel (Agriculture and Rural Development - ARD); Jon Jorgenson (ESRD); Kristie Romanow (Oldman Watershed Council); Maureen Vadnais (ARD); Greg Carter (ESRD); Brett Boukall (ESRD); Mary Lupwayi (Milk River Watershed Council) ; Connie Simmons (Oldman Watershed Council); Carla Bick (MD Ranchlands); Paul Harper (Department of Fisheries and Oceans); Alana Huntley (Canada Border Services – CBS); Kevin Stalker (Solicitor General and Public Security); Kelly Cooley (Coolpro Solutions Environmental Consulting); Dennis Spackman (TPR); Amy Ferriter (Idaho Department of Agriculture); Chris Gallagher (Saint Mary River Irrigation District); Glenn Isaac (Trans Alta); Darryl Anderson (CBS); Cameron Lockerbie (TPR); Leigh Noton (ESRD)

Support: Tanya Melnyk (ESRD); Sarah Parker (ESRD); Micaela Gerling (ESRD)

Now you may be asking what ARD was doing at the table of aquatics. Well an issue like this can’t be addressed in the “silo’s” the government occasionally likes to operate. An issue like this will need a coordinated effort to be successful. Also important to note that Montana’s and Idaho’s programs are run out of there Agriculture departments. Agriculture is uniquely set-up in such a way that we have “on the ground” personal, strategically located through the province.

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