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 The Objects or constitution of the Society are:
  1. To primarily foster and promote the survival of the American elm (Ulmus americana) in Alberta by preventing the establishment of Dutch elm disease and its insect vectors.
  2. To protect other Alberta landscape trees threatened by pests with emphasis on invasive alien species.
  3. To advocate for the restriction of movement of pest carrying wood or firewood into and within Alberta.
  4. To increase the awareness in the horticultural industry, in the general public, and in our governments of the immense value of our landscape trees, the value of our urban forests and the possible insect and disease threats to them.
  5. To assist and fund research on highly destructive landscape insect and disease pests.
  6. To facilitate, for the public and for government agencies, the early detection of and rapid response to destructive invasive alien species that imperil landscape trees.

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For information about STOPDED or Dutch elm disease contact stopded@shaw.ca at STOPDED Hotline: 1-877-837-ELMS (3567)

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