Evaluating Woody Plants for Hardiness and Landscape Quality in Alberta

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Regional Woody Plant Test Project, 2005, Part 1 Abies to Malus 'Radiant'

Regional Woody Plant Test Project, 2005, Part 2 Malus 'Red Jade' to Weigela florida 'Rumba'

Since 1983 the Regional Woody Plant Test Project (RWPTP) has been evaluating new woody plant species and cultivars in Alberta. It is a cooperative trial between Alberta Agriculture and Food Crop Diversification Centre South (CDCS), the Landscape Alberta Nursery Trades Association Growers Group and Research Committee and five current and four past nursery cooperators. The nursery cooperators donate the space and maintain the plant material on their site.

In the RWPTP, plants are monitored for landscape quality and hardiness for six years. At the end of the evaluation period, recommendations are made about the suitability for growing in the following regions which represent much of the climatic diversity of Alberta: Fairview, Edmonton, Red Deer, Calgary, Brooks and Lethbridge areas. Plant material for the trial has generally been chosen from North American nurseries with a few selections from around the world.

The RWPTP was terminated in 2009, with the last data being collected in the fall of 2009.


Many thanks to all of the people who have directed, cooperated, or contributed to this project since its inception in 1983.

Brendan Casement

Retired leader Agro Foresty Program,
CDC North, Edmonton

Han Kuperus

Coaldale Nurseries, Coaldale

George Granger

Retired leader Agro Foresty Program,
CDC North, Edmonton

Lemoine Maryniak

CDC North, Edmonton

Karen Barby

Green Haven Garden Centre, Lethbridge

Bev Minsky

City of Edmonton, Old Man Creek Nursery

Dwayne Beck

Parkland Nurseries, Red Deer

Dr. Christine Murray

CDC South, Brooks

Doug and Chris Berggren

Alberta Nurseries and Seeds, Bowden

Herman Oosterhuis

CDC North, Edmonton

Tom Bidart

Fairview College, Fairview

Thean Pheh

CDC North, Edmonton

Simon Bos

Simon Bos Nurseries, Coaldale

Bev Rogerson

Willow Valley Nursery, Grande Prairie

Don Hay

Lacombe Nurseries, Lacombe

Cathy Safronovich

CDC South, Brooks

John Helder

City of Edmonton,
Old Man Creek Nursery

Nigel Seymour

CDC South, Brooks

Henry Heuver

Foothills Nurseries, Calgary

Angela Spencer

CDC South, Brooks

Trial LocationCooperatorsTrial LocationsCooperators
BowdenAlberta Nurseries and SeedsEdmontonCrop Diversification Centre North
BrooksCrop Diversification Centre SouthFairviewFairview College (beginning 1994)
CalgaryFoothills NurseryGrande PrairieWillow Valley Nursery (terminated 1992)
Coaldale 1*Coaldale Nurseries (terminated 1992, collected final data 1994)LacombeLacombe Nurseries (terminated 1991)
Coaldale 2*Simon Bos Nurseries (beginning 1994)LethbridgeGreen Haven Garden Centre (beginning 2004)
Edmonton 2Old Man Creek Nurseries (beginning 2003)Red DeerParkland Nurseries (beginning 1991)
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This information published to the web on June 10, 2003.
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