Book Giveaway: Conflict Resolution Day 2016

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 October 20, 2016 is Conflict Resolution Day in Alberta.
Conflict Resolution Day first started in the United States in 2005 to raise public awareness of creative and peaceful means of resolving conflict. Today, the celebration is held in communities around the world.

In recognition of Conflict Resolution Day, the Farmers’ Advocate Office (FAO) will be giving away two copies of Elaine Froese’s newest book Farming’s In Law Factor.

As a lifelong Canadian farmer and a farm coach, Elaine Froese is one of the leading voices for alternative dispute resolution in the agricultural sector. Co-authored with Dr. Megan Mckenzie, Farming’s In Law Factor was published in 2014 to help families navigate these important relationships to build greater harmony on their farms.

The FAO had the opportunity to interview Froese to discuss conflict in farm settings.

“One thing that is unique about agriculture is that the family system and the business are tightly intertwined; there are often strong emotional factors in farm businesses,” Froese explains. “Agriculture is built off of a hard-working entrepreneurial attitude, and so sometimes when farm families get trapped in conflict, they are not willing to ask for external help.”

She believes that conflict resolution skills are business risk management tools. When asked what advice she would give families hoping to prevent conflict on the family farm, her answer is brief and memorable: “Shift your attitude. Conflict is not always bad – it can be good when it is used as an opportunity to grow and create solutions.”

There are numerous ways to be entered into the draws for Farming’s In Law Factor:
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