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 The Irrigation Management Climate Information Network (IMCIN) is intended to provide the irrigation industry in Alberta with up-to-date information on crop water use and agro-climatic conditions throughout southern Alberta. IMCIN is now part of the AgroClimatic Information Service (ACIS) which provides producers, farm consultants, and researchers with Alberta weather forecasts, ability to browse over 10000 maps of Alberta weather and Alberta climate related information, and access near real time station data from over 350 meteorological stations operating in the province of Alberta.

Users familiar with the previous IMCIN website will notice some changes to the layout of the new page. The summary page has all of previous stats and more. When a weather station is selected, the name will appear below the map followed by a series of icons. Clicking on a icon will produce a pop-up window showing a summary.

Another way to access the weather station summary is to select "Weather Station Summary" from the menu on the left side of the page.

Whether you are an irrigation water user, water manager or affiliated in some other way with irrigated crop production, this Web Page will keep you up to date on current conditions and provide a forecast for irrigation requirements throughout the major irrigated areas of southern Alberta.

All data provided reflects measured amounts at specific meteorological stations throughout southern Alberta. Actual conditions in any given locality/field, particularly for precipitation, could vary noticeably from that which is recorded at the given meteorological station.

Irrigation management information for various crops is also posted on this web site. This information is meant to be a guide to irrigators and is specific to each reporting station. The posted crop moisture use values are calculated based on recorded climate parameters and are updated along with the climate conditions. Projected crop moisture use is an average value and is based on historical data.

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