Irrigation Rehabilitation Program 2017/2018 Status Report

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 This annual Irrigation Rehabilitation Program (IRP) Status Report summarizes the expenditures and status of all IRP projects that were active during the construction period August 1, 2017 to July 31, 2018.

The IRP began in 1969 and is a cost shared program between Alberta Agriculture and Forestry and Alberta’s irrigation districts. Since 1969 funding levels have varied between $600,000 and $33,400,000 per year.

The provincial/irrigation district cost share ratio has varied since 1969, starting at 86% province - 14 % irrigation district, changing to 80% - 20% in 1994/95 and to 75% - 25% in 1995/96 and remains at that ratio today.

The IRP funding is provided to the districts according to an inter-district allocation formula. The 2017 funding allocations are shown in Table 1.

Irrigation Rehabilitation Financing Agreements are prepared annually between the Minister and each irrigation district. Projects must be approved by Irrigation Council prior to any project costs being paid for with cost shared funds, and all eligible project expenditures must be documented by Progress Certificates.

Information contained in this report was gathered from random monitoring (field visits) of project construction sites, records from the Basin Water Management Section and the Irrigation Secretariat and information from irrigation districts.
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