Animal Production

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Beef Cow-Calf Manual $30.00
The fourth edition of The Beef Cow-calf Manual features 282 pages of the most up-to-date information available for cow-calf producers.
Bison Handling Facilities $15.00
This coil-bound book is a must for anyone considering building a new bison facility or remodelling an existing facility.
Cattle Handling: Psychology of a Cow (Video/DVD) $20.00
Learn about cattle psychology from the animal's point of view!
Corrals for Handling Beef Cattle $12.00
This best-selling book features information on cattle behavior, handling techniques, corral design corral geometry and corral components.
CowBytes 5 $50.00
CowBytes is an easy-to-use beef ration balancing software package. It allows you to balance for all the major nutrients and most of the micro-nutrients. The program calculates the nutrient values of the rations based on the amount of each feed selected.
Fencing with Electricity $10.00
This fully illustrated book will help you choose and build the right electric fence for your operation. It looks at planning an electric fence, fence components electrifying existing fence, and fence safety.
Firm Steps: Identifying Lameness in Dairy Cattle $20 per package (2 CDs)
This CD-ROM package will help you: Detect lameness in your dairy herd at an early stage; take steps to fix the problem; reduce the severity and cost of lameness; improve the welfare of your dairy cattle.
Handling and Feeding Sheep (Video/DVD) $20.00
The care and handling of sheep is not the same as with other livestock. Because of the smaller size and easy temperament of sheep, they can and must be handled differently than cattle or hogs.

Handling Bison: Safely and Effectively (Video/DVD) $25.00
This video shows the strategies and techniques to help you handle bison more effectively.
Meat Goats $15.00
Whether you are just starting out or are an established meat goat producer, this book, with 25 illustrations and photos, record keeping charts, and a meat herd management calendar, provides you with new insights into meat goat productionThis second edition contains some updated information.
Proper bison handling reduces stress and results in improved overall animal health, better carcass quality and fewer injuries to both animal and handler. This video shows the strategies and techniques to help you handle bison more effective.
.Raising Meat Rabbits in Alberta $5.00
This book gives you the general principles of rabbit raising. It tells you how to choose a breed and buy your stock.
What's the Score? Body Conditioning Scoring for Livestock (CD-ROM) $25.00
Being able to accurately body condition score will help ensure your animals are performing at their peak

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