Alberta Pesticide Container Collection Sites - 2017

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Municipality Site Legal Land Location Contact
Acadia, MD ofAcadia Valley LandfillNW7-25-1-W4403-972-3808
Athabasca, County ofColinton Waste Transfer StationNE7-65-22-W4780-675-1117
Barrhead, County ofBarrhead LandfillSW3-60-4-W5780-674-3331
Beaver CountyRyley Regional LandfillNE10-50-17-W4780-663-3730
Beaver CountyViking Waste Transfer StationNE31-47-12-W4780-663-3730
Big Lakes, MD ofHigh Prairie Regional LandfillNW9-73-15-W5780-523-7341
Birch Hills CountyWanham LandfillSW13-78-3-W6780-694-3793
Birch Hills CountyTangent LandfillNE36-78-25-W5780-694-3793
Bonnyville, MD ofBonnyville Seed Cleaning PlantNW18-61-5-W4780-826-3951
Bonnyville, MD ofGoodridge LandfillSW4-63-9-W4780-826-3951
Brazeau CountyDrayton Valley – Brazeau Reg. LandfillSE20-49-7-W5780-542-7777
Calgary, City ofCalgary – Forest Lawn Landfill
(includes MD #44)
3801-68 St. S.E. Calgary403-268-9947
Camrose, County ofCamrose Regional LandfillNE16-46-20-W4780-672-4765
Camrose, County ofFerintosh – West Dried Meat Lake
- Landfill Authority
Cardston CountySpring Coulee Waste Transfer StationSW32-4-23-W4403-653-4977
Clear Hills, MD ofWorsley LandfillSE25-87-8-W6780-685-3925
Clearwater CountyRocky Mountain House Waste Transfer StationSE2-39-5-W5403-845-4444
Cypress CountyIrvine Waste Transfer StationNE31-11-2-W4403-526-2888
Cypress CountyMedicine Hat – Lakeside MillingNE21-12-6-W4403-526-2888
Cypress CountySchuler Waste Transfer StationSE20-16-1-W4403-526-2888
Drumheller, Town ofDrumheller Regional Landfill.2500, Highway 10 East403-823-1345
Edmonton, City ofEdmonton – Clover Bar LandfillSW28-53-23-W4780-496-5403
Fairview, MD ofFairview LandfillSW27-82-3-W6780-835-2576
Flagstaff CountySedgewick – Flagstaff Reg. LandfillSW11-45-12-W4780-384-3950
Foothills, MD ofOkotoks – Foothills Reg. LandfillSE32-19-29-W4403-652-2341
Forty Mile, County ofBow Island LandfillSE23-11-11-W4403-867-3530
Forty Mile, County ofForemost Waste Transfer StationNW19-6-11-W4403-867-3530
Grande Prairie, County ofClairmont LandfillNW27-72-6-W6780-513-3955
Grande Prairie, County ofElmworth Transfer StationNE18-70-11-W6780-513-3955
Grande Prairie, County ofTeepee Creek Transfer StationNE23-74-3-W6780-513-3955
Grande Prairie, County ofWest County Regional LandfillS1/2-22-73-9-W6780-513-3955
Greenview, MD ofValleyview – MD YardNW10-70-22-W5780-524-7602
Greenview MDNew Fish Creek Transfer StationNW16-72-21-W5780-524-7602
Greenview MDPuskwaskau LandfillSW36-74-26- W5780-524-7602
Greenview MDSweathouse LandfillSW4-70-19-W5780-524-7602
Greenview MDDeBolt Transfer StationDeBolt Transfer Station780-524-7602
Kneehill CountyThree Hills Waste Transfer StationSW25-31-24-W4403-443-5541
Lac La Biche CountyLac La Biche LandfillNW36-66-13-W4780-623-1747
Lac La Biche CountyPlamondonNW36-67-16-W4780-623-1747
Lac Ste. Anne CountyGunn – Lac Ste. Anne Reg. LandfillNE18-55-3-W5780-785-3411
Lac Ste Anne CountyMayerthorpe Transfer StationSE23-57-09-W5780-785-3411
Lacombe CountyEckville Waste Transfer StationNW34-39-3 W5403-782-6601
Lacombe CountyMirror-Alix Waste Transfer StationNW24-40-23-W4403-782-6601
Lacombe CountyPrentiss Waste Transfer StationNW7-40-25-W4403-782-6601
Lamont CountyLamont Regional LandfillNW7-56-18-W4780-895-2585
Leduc CountyNisku Sewage Transfer StationSW31-50-24-W4780-955-3555
Leduc CountyThorsby – County YardSE17-49-1-W5780-955-3555
Lesser Slave River, MD ofFlatbush Waste Transfer StationNW36-65-2-W5780-681-3929
Lethbridge, County ofCoaldale Waste Transfer StationSW23-9-20-W4403-328-5525
Lethbridge, County ofIron Springs Waste Transfer StationSW27-11-20-W4403-328-5525
Lethbridge, County ofNobleford Waste Transfer StationSE10-11-23-W4403-328-5525
Lethbridge, County ofPicture Butte Waste Transfer StationNW27-10-21-W4403-328-5525
MacKenzie, MD ofHigh Level Regional LandfillSE1-110-20-W5780-927-3717
Minburn, County ofVegreville LandfillNW21-52-14-W4780-632-4033
Minburn, County ofMannville LandfillSW16-50-9-W4780-632-4033
Minburn, County ofRanfurly LandfillSE3-52-12-W4780-632-4033
Mountain View CountyDidsbury – (near airport)SW5-32-1-W5403-335-3311
Newell County ofNewell Regional LandfillSE34-19-15-W4403-362-2772
Newell, County ofBassano Waste Transfer StationSE19-21-18-W4403-362-2772
Northern Lights, MD ofDixonville – Long Lake Reg. LandfillNW3-86-24-W5780-836-3348
Northern Lights, County ofNorth Star Transfer StationNW32-90-23-W5780-836-3348
Northern Lights, County ofHawk Hills Transfer StationNW21-94-22-W5780-836-3348
Northern Sunrise CountyNampa Waste Transfer StationE19-81-20-W5780-322-3831
Northern Sunrise CountySt. Isidore LandfillSW2-84-20-W5780-322-3831
Paintearth, County ofCastor Waste Transfer StationSW3-38-14-W4403-882-3211
Paintearth, County ofCoronation
(Paintearth Resource Recovery Centre)
Parkland CountyStony Plain LandfillSE35-52-1-W5780-968-2231
Parkland CountyTomahawk-County YardSW13-51-5-W5780-968-2231
Peace, MD ofGriffin Creek LandfillSW18-81-25-W5780-338-3845
Pincher Creek, MD ofCowley Regional LandfillNW8-7-1-W5403-628-3849
Pincher Creek, MD ofPincher StationSW1-7-30-W4403-627-4151
Ponoka CountyBluffton LandfillNE6-44-2-W5403-783-3333
Ponoka CountyPonoka Waste Transfer StationNE36-42-25-W4403-783-3333
Provost, MD ofProvost Regional LandfillSW3-40-3-W4780-753-2368
Red Deer CountyHorn Hill Waste Transfer StationNE33-36-27-W4403-350-2163
Rocky View, MD ofBragg Creek Transfer StationNE13-23-5-W4403-520-7288
Rocky View, MD ofLangdon Transfer Station505 Railway Ave East403-520-7286
Rocky View, MD ofIrricana Transfer StationSW28-27-26-W4403-520-7287
Saddle Hills CountyBlueberry Waste Transfer StationSE3-80-8-W6780-864-2004
Smoky Lake CountySmoky Lake LandfillNW2-60-17-W4780-656-3730
Smoky River, MD ofFalher LandfillNW15-78-21-W5780-837-2221 (ext 115)
Special Area #2Bindloss Waste Transfer StationSE24-22-3-W4403-854-5627
Special Area #2Hanna Waste Transfer StationNW16-31-14-W4403-854-5627
Special Area #3Oyen Waste Transfer StationLSD3-27-27-4-W4403-664-3618
Special Area #3Youngstown – Big Country Regional LandfillSE29-29-9-W4403-664-3618
Special Area #4Monitor Waste Transfer StationNW32-34-4-W4403-577-3523
Spirit River, MD ofMD of Spirit River LandfillSW31-77-5-W6780-864-3500
St. Paul, County ofMallaig Waste Transfer StationNE24 60 10 W4780-645-3301
St. Paul, County ofEvergreen Regional LandfillNW16-56-10-W4780-645-3301
Starland CountyRumsey Waste Transfer StationSW24-33-21 W4403-772-3793
Starland CountyMichichi Waste Transfer StationNW19 30 18 W4403-772-3793
Stettler, County ofStettler Regional LandfillNW22 40 19 W4403-742-4441
Strathcona CountyFort Sask. Recycling Station11121 88 Ave. Ft. Sask.780-417-7134
Sturgeon CountySturgeon Regional Landfill
(Roseridge Waste Mgmt)
SW36 55 25 W4780-939-8325
Taber, MD ofEnchant Waste Transfer StationNW16 14 18 W4403-223-8735
Taber, MD ofGrassy Lake Waste Transfer StationNW23 9 13 W4403-223-8735
Taber, MD ofTaber Waste Transfer StationSE12-10-17-W4403-223-8735
Taber, MD ofVauxhall Waste Transfer StationSW12 13 16 W4403-223-8735
Thorhild, County ofThorhildNE5 60 21 W4780-398-3741
Two Hills, County ofTwo Hills Regional LandfillNE5 55 11 W4780-657-3358
Two Hills, County ofWillingdon Seed Cleaning PlantNE1 56 15 W4780-657-3358
Vermilion River, County ofMarwayne Waste Transfer StationSE34 52 3 W4780-846-2244
Vermilion River, County ofParadise Valley Waste Transfer StationSW7-47-2-W4780-846-2244
Vermilion River, County ofVermilion Transfer StationSW5 51 6 W4780-846-2244
Vulcan CountyMossleigh Transfer StationNW14-20-25-W4403-485-3003
Vulcan CountyVulcan Waste Transfer StationSW4 17 24 W4403-485-3003
Vulcan CountyLomond Transfer StationNE11-16-20-W4403-485-2241
Vulcan CountyMilo Transfer StationSW6-19-21-W4403-485-2241
Vulcan CountyChampion Transfer StationSW29-14-23-W4403-485-3003
Wainwright, MD ofWainwright – Andrukow Group SolutionsSW28 44 6 W4780-842-4454
Wainwright MD ofIrma Shop Yard5016 – 53 ave. Irma780-842-4454
Wainwright MD ofEdgerton (across street from Viterra)SW1-44-4 –W4780-842-4454
Wainwright MD ofChauvin LandfillNW 8-43-1-W4780-842-4454
Warner, County ofBorder Seed Cleaning PlantSW29 2 14 W4403-642-3635
Warner, County ofSunshine Seed Cleaning PlantNW12 6 l9 W4403-642-3635
Westlock CountyWestlock Regional LandfillNE27-59-26 W4780-349-3346
Wetaskiwin, County ofPeace Hills Waste Transfer StationSW29-46-24-W4780-352-3321
Wheatland CountyHussar Waste Transfer StationNW1 24 20 W4403-934 3321
Wheatland CountyStandard Waste Transfer StationSW10 25 22 W4403-934-3321
Wheatland CountyStrathmore Waste Transfer StationNE34 23 25 W4403-934-3321
Willow Creek, MD ofWillow Creek Regional LandfillNW22-11-26-W4403-687-2603
Woodlands CountyFort Assiniboine – County YardSW2 62 6 W5780-584-3866
Woodlands County/WhitecourtWhitecourt Regional LandfillNW29-58-10-W5780-648-2273
Yellowhead CountyParkcourt Waste Transfer StationSE35-54-08-W5780-325-3782
Note: some municipalities have other “temporary” sites for dropping off empty pesticide containers. Phone municipal contact for locations and operating hours.

Revised March 28/17
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