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 Training and support of all Green Certificate Participants is a priority to Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development.

General support materials

The Green Certificate program is working very hard to update and develop training resources materials for our trainees and trainers, in each of our eight specializations
  1. Beekeeping Resources
  2. Cow-Calf Resources
  3. Dairy Resources
  4. Feedlot Resources
  5. Field Crop Resources
  6. Irrigated Crop Resources
  7. Sheep Resources
  8. Swine Resources
  9. Equine Training Resources
  10. Greenhouse Resources
  11. Poultry Resources

These recommendations are only intended to be a guide for Green Certificate trainees. To obtain information for developing skills, trainees are encouraged to use all possible sources of information, such as a library, the internet, magazines, veterinarians, production specialists, etc. Learning how to obtain the latest information on production is just as important to trainees as the information itself. Success and security in the future will come increasingly from the ability to learn and incorporate the latest techniques available.

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