Farmer Trainer Evaluation

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 It is recommended that 10 % of a Green Certificate student trainee's graded mark come from a Farmer-Trainer evaluation.

It is important that all parties be fair and reasonable in deciding what mark to submit. Please have each of the respective parties complete the following evaluation and submit them to you Green Certificate school representative prior to the next certification test. In each respective section, the evaluator is to place a mark on the line that they feel the student fairly and reasonably earned during the testing period. Then a specific two-digit number is to be entered after Mark =, e.g. if you marked between a 5 & 6 on the line then enter 55%.

In determining the mark you are giving you may want to consider the trainee's dedication to the course, amount of initiative shown in gaining the knowledge and skills being tested, the effort you observed and general willingness of the trainee to observe, learn and accept you help and/or constructive criticism.

Capable of Doing Better 1---2---3----4----5----6----7----8----9----10 Exceeded Defined Outcomes in a Self Directed Manner

Mark = _____ %

Farmer- Trainer Signature: __________________________________

Date: ___________________________________

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