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Changes to the Green Certificate Program Delivery for Non-Credit (Adult) Trainees and Trainers

Effective September 1, 2014, the Green Certificate Program will no longer be offering training and program services outside of high school enrollment. The Green Certificate Program will change the delivery system to build and expand the high school credit program, and discontinue the non-credit option. Non-credit trainees enrolled before September 1, 2014, will be entitled to complete the program as per Green Certificate Program Policies.

Policy 2.05 states that:

Trainees are required to participate in a certification test day within 12 months of induction, as indicated on their registration form.

Policy 3.02 states that:

Failure to participate in testing periods within 1 year from date of induction, as indicated on their registration form, without consultation with the Regional Coordinator will be removed from the Program.

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