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 Registration Forms are acquired by contacting your regional coordinator. These forms are distributed by the regional coordinator during the induction meeting. All individuals must become an approved participant of the program - the trainee, the trainer and the school representative by attending an induction and subsequently filling out the registration form.
  • The form has a variety of conditions incorporated into it such as liability waiver, privacy statement, WCB coverage etc.
  • The terms upon which the program is offered by Alberta Agriculture and Food Ministry is outlined on the form
  • The registration form then becomes a contract between all involved parties.
  • Once complete the registration form is copied. The original is given to the regional coordinator, and copies are given to the student and by the school representative.
  • Once the original registration form is received by head office, the Green Certificate Program submits an invoice to the school for the fee of $960.00 per student registered
Student Registration Form Guidelines (all information is required to become an approved participant)

Page 1

Section 1 - Trainee Information

  • Student's personal and contact information
    • name, address, phone, email, fax, birthday, gender
    • Grade when student enrolled in program
    • Check one of the trainee specializations and training level
Section 2 - Job Site Trainer Information
  • Trainer's personal and contact information
    • name, farm business name, address, phone, fax, email
Section 3 - School Information
  • School and school coordinator contact information and student numbers
    • school name, address, supervising teacher's name, phone, fax, email
    • check to determine if the school or the school division should receive the invoice
Program Use Section - This will be filled out by the regional coordinator.

Page 2

Terms and Conditions Section
States that the student trainee is eligible for WCB coverage under the Alberta Education's Off-campus education policy, and that the school representative is responsible for following WCB procedure as dictated by that policy.

  • Registration form is not a contract of employment between the trainee and the Government of Alberta
  • Liability waiver - States that the Government of Alberta shall not be liable for any damages
  • Privacy statement - States the usage of registration form information in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Privacy Act
Signatures Section
Acknowledgement of program involvement.
The trainee, trainer and teacher sign agreeing to the terms and conditions of the Workers' Compensation board coverage.

Green Certificate Program Contacts
Contact information for each of the Green Certificate regional coordinators and program staff.
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