Course Pre-requisites and Registration Requirements

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Prerequisite to enrollment in Alberta Education Green Certificate Course, the student must be enrolled in the prerequisite course AGR3000 Agriculture Safety. The AGR 3000 course is:
  • A 1 credit course specified as prerequisites in the Off-campus Education Handbook are listed the Agriculture (AGR) occupational area of the Natural Resources cluster (AGR3000).
  • A requisite course that must be completed prior to the first Green Certificate course, in any specialization in which a student enrolls
  • Available through the Alberta Distance Learning Centre (ADLC)
AGR3000 Agriculture Safety - Students recognize and assess the hazards and manage the risks of working in agriculture. The cource Outcomes are as follows:
  • Identify and describe potential hazards found in the agricultural area
  • Examine and demonstrate standards/practices associated with agricultural health and safety
  • Identify and demonstrate methods for dealing with potential hazards in the agricultural area
  • Research and identify legislation and /or exemptions for agricultural health and safety
  • Demonstrate basic competencies
  • Create a transitional strategy to accommodate personal changes and build personal values
The Green Certificate Program of Alberta Agriculture and Food requires that the student trainee be, at minimum, enrolled in Grade 10 in the year that they register. As a standard, we ask that trainees also be 15 years of age. Trainees enrolling in the Green Certificate not for academic credit (i.e.; adult trainees) are asked to be at least 16 years of age.

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