Greenhouse Technician Level 1 Skill Set

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The curriculum covers: 
  • Employability and safety skills
  • Complete Seasonal Maintenance
  • Understand Basic Botany
  • Establish and Maintain Proper Growing Conditions
  • Prepare to Grow Plants
  • Seed, Root and Transplant Propagation Material
  • Identify Plant Problems
  • Maintain Production Quality
  • Market and Sell Product
If you have general questions, please feel free to contact Raelene Mercer at 780-968-3551 or or your Green Certificate Regional Coordinator.

For Registration Information
  • High school students should contact their school's off-campus education coordinator directly to indicate their interest in taking the Greenhouse specialty
  • Off-Campus Education Coordinators can contact their Green Certificate Regional Coordinator

All of our specialties have a large network of people who work hard to make them successful. Trainees and trainers form the group of people who use the written material day-to-day, but without testers and program support the testing and training days would be much harder to organize.

If you're interested in becoming a trainee, trainer or tester, you may find our 
Frequently Asked Question document helpful. Specific questions about being a trainee, trainer or tester can also be directed to your Regional Coordinator.
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This information published to the web on August 20, 2015.
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