On-Farm Food Safety Programs

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The On-Farm Food Safety (OFFS) Programs are Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) based food safety systems developed for various commodities to enhance food safety, maintain consumer confidence and facilitate market access. These programs comply with federal, provincial and territorial legislation and are delivered by a provincial delivery agent or by the national industry organization that owns the program. They all have gone through a thorough Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA)-led technical review process, part of the federal Food Safety Recognition Program.

CommodityProgram NameAlberta Contact
Beef CattleVerified Beef ProductionAlberta Beef Quality Starts Here
Broiler Hatching EggsCanadian Hatching Egg Quality Program (CHEQ)Poultry Health Services
ChickenSafe, Safer, Safest (On Farm Food Safety Assurance Program)Alberta Chicken Producers
PulletsStart Clean Stay Clean - PulletsEgg Farmers of Alberta
DairyCanadian Quality Milk ProgramAlberta Milk
EggsStart Clean-Stay Clean ProgramEgg Farmers of Alberta
Grains, Oilseeds, PulsesCanada Grains CouncilCanada Grains Council
Herbs and SpicesGood Agriculture and Collection Practices (GACP) Herb, Spice & Specialty Agriculture Association
HogsCanadian Quality Assurance ProgramAlberta Pork
- Fruits and vegetables
- Greenhouse Production
CanadaGap ProgramCanadaGap Program
SheepFood Safe Farm PracticesAlberta Lamb Producers
GoatThe Goat On-Farm Food Safety (GOFFS) ProgramAlberta Goat Association
TurkeyTurkey Farmers of Canada's (TFC) On-Farm Food Safety ProgramsAlberta Turkey Producers
Veal Veal Quality Assurance Program Ontario Veal Association
CervidCervid Live Animal and Velvet Antler On-Farm Food Safety ProgramAlberta Elk Commission
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