Food Processing Development Centre: Application for Technical Assistance

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Printable Form available. It can be filled out on your screen before printing. - Word Document.
This document is also available as a downloadable PDF - 169K

Please print and send to:

Alberta Agriculture and Forestry, Food Processing Development Centre
6309 - 45 Street, Leduc, Alberta, Canada T9E 7C5
ph: 780-986-4793 fax: 780-986-5138

In addition, this application form is also available as a fillable PDF document - 1,175KB

This application form can be completed on-line, save it to your hard drive, and email your completed form to the Food Processing Development Centre.

Note: To use this form you must be using Adobe 5.1 or higher. The latest version of the software is available for free from Adobe).

Application for Technical Assistance

I. General Information

1. Client:
2. Contact Person:
3. Address:
4. Postal Code:
5. Phone:6. Fax:
7. Email Address:

II. Project Description

III. Project Information

1. Intended Market Area:
2. Current Manufacturing Capabilities:
3. Current Distribution Capabilities:
4. Technical Assistance Required:
5. Type of Contract Requested: Developmental Interim Processing Sensory Evaluation
6. Sources of Project Funding: Client and/or Other
7. Target Completion Date:
8. Are you currently working with an ARD financial/marketing development officer? Yes No
If No may we forward your name to ARD financial/markrting development officers? Yes No

Note: Clients requesting Centre assistance may be required to provide a detailed business plan for review prior to application acceptance. If the application is accepted, clients will be required to comply with minimum insurance requirements. Any processing at the Centre must comply with all appropriate federal and provincial regulations.

The collection of personal information on this application is authorized by the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. The personal information will be used to contact the applicant in matters related to this application. If you have any questions about the collection or use of this information, you can contact::
Wanda Aubee, Director, Food Science and Development, Food and Bio Processing Branch, 6309 -45 Street, Leduc, Alberta, Canada, T9E 7C5, phone 780-986-4793, fax 780-986-5138.

Requested by: (client/sponsor)


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