Growth & Yield - Forest Management

The prediction of current and future forest growth and yield is a primary driver in the determination of sustainable allowable harvest levels. Yield estimation in Alberta is typically conducted as a part of the forest management planning process by industry, within the guidelines set out by the Alberta Forest Management Planning Standard.
Alberta Agriculture and Forestry (AF) has a Permanent Sample Plot (PSP) network designed to allow for the development and refinement of forest growth relationships. Collaborative approaches to the maintenance of robust PSP programs have been pursued with industry through the Provincial Growth and Yield Initiative. PSPs are a crucial long-term program which allows Alberta to continue to monitor and observe forest growth dynamics through time, allowing for continuous improvement of our growth forecast estimates.
Agriculture and Forestry has developed a forest growth model called a Growth and Yield Projection System (GYPSY) which is available for use as part of the planning process. Another forest growth model relevant to Alberta forests is the Mixed wood Growth Model (MGM) developed by the University of Alberta. The design, development, validation and application of growth models in Alberta are guided by the requirements outlined in the Alberta Forest Management Planning Standard.

Various other supporting biometrics reports and tools provide some of the basic relationships necessary for volume compilation and conversion in support of yield estimation and forest management planning. Some reports discuss and demonstrate examples of advanced modeling techniques.
Technical Reports and Tools

Individual Tree Volume Estimation Report Series
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