Historical Seed and Forage Information from the Beaverlodge Research Farm - Miscellaneous Publications (1967-1991)

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 Beaverlodge Reserach Farm - Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada Information on Forage and Seed Production
compiled by Nigel A. Fairey

Beaverlodge Research Farm, Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada
P.O. Box 29, Beaverlodge, Alberta T0H 0C0

Over the past few decades, the Beaverlodge Research Farm of Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada has been involved in conducting research for the forage seed industry in Canada, with particular emphasis being directed toward the development of opportunities for the grass and legume seed growers of the Peace River region of Alberta and British Columbia.

Many of the reports on projects conducted by the staff of Beaverlodge Research Farm were published and distributed prior to the advent of the Internet which can provide instant access to vast amounts of useful information. Much of the historical information generated at Beaverlodge Research Farm remains useful to today’s growers and their commercial partners in the forage seed industry. Hence, a number of reports have been converted into electronic files to make them accessible to the present participants of the forage seed industry. The information was released in various types of documents:

Grass Seed Production: Miscellaneous Publications:

Elliott, C.R. 1967. Factors affecting grass seed yields. Canada Agriculture (Summer, 1967). 3 pp.

Elliott, C.R. and Howe, G.M. Grass Seed Yield Data 1969 to 1977 (Publication NRG 77-14) - Pages: 1-8, 9-15, 16-24
This publication contains tables of results on the seed production of several grass species, including bromes, fescues, meadow foxtail, reed canarygrass, Russian wildrye, timothy and wheatgrasses. It includes results from experimental studies on dates of seeding, companion crops, and row spacing.

Elliott, C.R. Producing Grass Seeds (Publication NRG 78-8)
This publication provides a brief summary of the Grass Seed Research Program at the Beaverlodge Research Farm prior to 1978. This is a general review and covers the following topics: Grass Seed Physiology, Seeding Dates, Cereal Companion Crops, Soil Fertility, Weed Control, Seed Moisture Content and Harvesting, Aftermath Removal, Insect Control, Disease Control, Grass Seed Crops for Acid Soils, Pedigreed Seed Production and Contract Seed Production

Legume Seed Production: Miscellaneous Publications:

Fairey, D.T., Lieverse, J.A.C., and Siemens, B. 1984. Management of the Alfalfa Leafcutting Bee in Northwestern Canada (Publication NRG 84-21) - Pages: 1-8, 9-14, 15-21, 22-26, 27-31
This bulletin provides the basic information on how to utilize leafcutting bees (Megachile rotundata Fab.) for successful pollination and seed production of alfalfa at the northern latitudes of the Peace River Region (55-58°North).

Fairey, D.T. and Lefkovitch, L.P. 1991. Reproduction of Leafcutting Bees Foraging on Alfalfa, Clovers and Canola. Publication NRG 91-01 and R-053 presented at the 10th Annual Alfalfa Seed School, Canadian Alfalfa Seed Council, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (10-12 January 1991). This presentation documented the successful use of leafcutting bees (Megachile rotundata Fab.) for the cross-pollination of canola and indicated their potential for the commercial production of hybrid seed of canola.
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