Phosphine Fumigation - Frequently Asked Questions

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 Who is eligible to obtain or use phosphine gas?
Everyone requires certification to purchase phosphine gas products. Recognized certification includes both the Farmer Pesticide Certificate and Fumigation Pesticide Applicator certificate. Both must receive the Grain Fumigation factsheet from the vendor.

How can I become certified?
A link to the Farmer Pesticide Training Certificate Course is provided below. To inquire about obtaining a Fumigation Pesticide Applicator certificate please contact Lakeland College at 1-866-853-8646.

Farmer Pesticide Training Certificate Course

Where can I get Phostoxin, Gastoxin or Fumitoxin?
Aluminum phosphide, the active ingredient, is a restricted use pesticide and is only available through provincially licensed persons for uses covered by their applicator’s certification.

Manufactures and Distributors
Gardex Chemicals Ltd.
1-800-561-7302 (Canada)
Abell Pest Control
Sellen Grain Service Ltd.
Intergrated Pest Supplies
604-520-9900 or 1-800-465-5511

Additional Information

Alberta Ag-Info Centre, Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development 310-FARM (310-3276)
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