Starting a Business - Frequently Asked Questions

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 Where can I get information about starting a business?
Starting a business requires the gathering and analysis of a great variety of information including, but not limited to, production techniques and costs, processing procedures and costs, market analysis, marketing techniques, business plans and financing. To increase your chances of success, it is important that you gather all this information before you proceed with stating your business.

What type of business should I start?
When deciding on the type of business to start, you should evaluate your own personal abilities and those of your family members. Identifying individual skills and differences of perception or opinion in the beginning can prevent conflicts later.

How do I know if the business will be successful?
Before you start your new business you need to understand your market. To fully understand the market you need to know your competition, who will buy your product, or use your service, and the amount they are willing to pay.

Further information on starting a business can be found on the Alberta Agriculture and Forestry web site or by calling Alberta Agriculture New Venture Specialist at 310-FARM (3276).

Identifying Alternatives
Marketing - Will it sell
Personal and Family Considerations
Production Requirements
Decision Making - Will you start a new enterprise?

Prepared by Kathy Bosse, Ag - Info Centre, Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development.

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