Farmers' Market Manager Training

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 An important factor in the overall success of a farmers' market is the skills and knowledge of the Market Manager. With the development of this training manual, Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development is committed to ensuring that approved farmers' market managers have the basic information they need in order to succeed in their roles.
As stated in the Approved Farmers' Market Program Guidelines, market manager training is mandatory for all market managers within one year of becoming a manager of an approved farmers' market. This online resource will enable all managers to meet that requirement.

The Farmers' Market Manager Training manual consists of four sections and appendices..

Farmers' Market Manager Training manual - 949 kb

The Manual contains four sections:

    Section 1 - The Alberta Approved Farmers' Market Program: contains information about the Program and discusses the minimum requirements of approved farmers' markets

    Section 2 - Roles: contains information on the roles of the various stakeholders, including the market manager

    Section 3 - Legislative and Regulatory Requirements: contains basic information on the legislation and regulations which impact vendors selling at farmers' markets and the expectation for the manager in enforcing compliance with legislation

    Section 4 - Additional Resources

The following appendices contain information that supports or references material written in the manual.

Appendix 1:

Alberta Approved Farmers' Market Application Form - 399 kb

Starting An Alberta Approved Farmers' Market

Appendix 2:

Alberta Approved Farmers' Market Program Guidelines

Appendix 3

Email Consent - 267 kb

Annual Paperwork Package - 1141 kb

Sponsoring Body Approval Form -62 kb

Appendix 4

Market Manager Job Description - 363 kb

Appendix 5

Conflict Resolution Information - 336 kb

Appendix 6

Sunnygirl Logo Usage Guidelines - 94 kb

Appendix 7

Basic Labelling and Allergen Quick Guide - 509 kb

Labelling Your Food Product Infographic - 475 kb

Appendix 8

Public Health Act Food Regulation

Appendix 9

Alberta Health Services Farmers' Market Information Package

Appendix 10

Farm Direct Marketing: Know the Regulations General Legislation

Farm Direct Marketing: Know the Regulations Food Labels

Farm Direct Marketing: Know the Regulations Food Claims

Farm Direct Marketing: Know the Regulations Meat and Meat Products

Farm Direct Marketing: Know the Regulations Poultry and Poultry Products

Farm Direct Marketing: Know the Regulations Fruits, Vegetables and Products

Farm Direct Marketing Eggs: What You Need to Know

Best Practices for Alberta Approved Farmers' Markets - 1218 kb

Promoting Your Alberta Approved Farmers' Market

Evaluating Your Alberta Approved Farmers' Market

In addition to the manual, any managers choosing to complete market manager training using this online course as opposed to attending an in-person workshop are required to complete and submit a short multiple choice test. This test is intended to evaluate your knowledge of the material covered in the manual. Upon achieving a passing grade of 80%, you will receive a certificate of completion.

Click here to access a copy of the test.

Any questions regarding the material found in the manual or on the test should be directed to:

Eileen Kotowich
Farmers' Market Specialist
Alberta Agriculture and Forestry
4701 52 Street, Box 24
Vermilion, AB T9X 1J9
Phone: 780-853-8223
(dial 310-0000 first for toll-free access)

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