Term Care Agreement for Livestock

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 In response to drought, but also for other reasons, livestock producers may sometimes wish to lease grazing land or enter into a feeding arrangement whereby care of the animals may become the responsibility of another party residing up to 1500 km from their own home base of operation. These great distances make regular visits to view the animals almost impossible. In such cases a simple lease arrangement contract may be of use to protect all parties involved, including the animals.

Alberta Farm Animal Care (AFAC) has drafted a Term Care Agreement for Livestock that would serve the following purposes:

  • To recognize the unique requirements of a 'Term Care' arrangement between two parties for the care of a herd of animals over an extended period of time.
  • To supply a template for a contract (not an actual legal document) that would include reference to the specifics of the care of the animals in the herd for the duration of the agreement.
  • To supply a document to both parties that explains the responsibilities, legislation, and Recommended Codes of Practice that envelope a 'Term Care Agreement' serving a herd of livestock.
  • To further fulfill AFAC's mandate to serve the livestock industry and protect its membership and all livestock animals in the province from undue stress and harm
For further information about the Term Care Agreement for Livestock visit the AFAC web site to download or print the document.
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