Farm Stewardship Centre

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3020 College Drive South
Lethbridge, AB T1K 1L6

Phone 403.329.1212
Fax 403.328.5562

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Farm Stewardship
· Uses applied research to investigate whole farm sustainable practices
· Engages with the agriculture industry
· Collaborates with other researchers

About Farm Stewardship

Farm Stewardship, part of the Environmental Stewardship Branch, is a multi-disciplinary team achieving world-class applied research on whole farm sustainable practices by:
  • Collaboration - Partnering and/or collaborating with academia, non-government organizations with common goals, and other professionals in public and private sectors within the agricultural field. Strong professional relationships will optimize bidirectional transfer of knowledge and ideas for a thriving Alberta agriculture industry and environmental sustainability.
  • Engagement - Creating a reputation as a valued and respected resource and leaders for applied research, measurement and verification of agri-environmental stewardship issues. Various groups invest time and resources in the centre and collaborate on research projects initiated by the centre.
  • Applied Research - Striving to be seen as a source of science based unbiased information by Alberta producers and stakeholders. The Environmental Stewardship Branch has a strong capacity for extension of information, knowledge and research results.
Current Focus Areas
On-Farm Energy Management· Investigate lighting for barns and yards
· Evaluate ventilation technologies
Beneficial Management Practices (BMPs)· Documentation options for BMPs on farm
· Measured effect on air and water quality
Developing & Evaluating Potential BMPs· Ways to filter phosphorous from surface water runoff
· Remote livestock watering alarm systems
· Roller compacted concrete opportunities
· Stabilization of nitrogen in soils
Weather Monitoring· ACIS (Agro-Climatic Information Service)

Working Together
The Farm Stewardship Centre is focused on applied research, measurement and verification of current and future agri-environmental stewardship issues. Through evidenced based information Alberta producers can adopt beneficial environmental management practices that improve whole farm sustainability and demonstrate good environmental stewardship.
  • Producers, have you discovered technical barriers to adopting a BMP? Help us to understand the barrier – call 403.329.1212 or come by the office 3020 College Drive South, Lethbridge (South side on the Lethbridge College campus)
  • Interesting in learning more about working together on potential projects, please call the Farm Stewardship Centre 403.329.1212

Farm Stewardship Centre
3020 College Drive South, Lethbridge, AB
Phone 403.329.1212
Environmental Stewardship Branch
Edmonton, Red Deer, Barrhead, Leduc, Airdrie, Vegreville, Morinville, Calgary, Medicine Hat
Virginia Nelson, Engineering & Climate Services Director
Phone 403.329.1212 ext 233
Rick Atkins, Environmental Extension & Programming Director
Phone 780.427.9801
Debbie Campbell, Administrator
Phone 403.329.1212 ext 300
Roger Bryan, Environmental Innovation Manager
Phone 780.427.3616
Janna Casson, Agri-Environmental Stewardship Specialist
Phone 403.381.5904
Dale Chrapko, Environmental Programming Manager
Phone 780.644.1969
Ken Janzen, Project Manager
Phone 403.329.1212 ext 231
Ike Edeogu, Technology Development Engineer
Phone 780.415.2359
Kelly Lund, Project Engineer
Phone 780.644.1197
Nathan Eshpeter, Research Engineer
Phone 780.422.2086
Keri McPhee, Growing Forward Energy Specialist
Phone 403.329.1212 ext 230
Brian Koberstein, CFO Extension Manager
Phone 780.674.8255
Lynda Miedema, Nutrient Management Specialist
Phone 403.329.1212 ext 222
Kerrianne Koehler-Munro, Environmental Program Specialist
Phone 780.427.3628
Cody Metheral, CFO Extension Specialist
Phone 403.381.5885
Len Kryzanowski, Environmental Strategy & Research Director
Phone 780.422.1252
Blaine Metzger, Project Manager
Phone 403.329.1212 ext 228
Germar Lohstraeter, Research Technologist
Phone 780.427.3718
Dave Rea, Project Technologist
Phone 403.329.1212 ext 241
Tanya Moskal-Hebert, Extension Manager
Phone 780.427.2933
Ryan Royce, Soil Moisture Technologist
Phone 403.381.5859
Jason Price, Energy Specialist
Phone 780.427.4181
Wally Sawchuk, Production Systems Technologist
Phone 403.381.5820
Karen Raven, Land Use Manager
Phone 780.638.4145
Olivia Sieniewicz, Project Engineer
Phone 403.329.1212 ext 250
David Spiess, GIS Engineer
Phone 780.427.3739
Darryl Slingerland, Stewardship Lead
Phone 403.329.1212 ext 232
Trevor Wallace, Nutrient Management Specialist
Phone 780.980.7587
Jesse Vandenberg, Project Manager
Phone 403.329.1212 ext 229
Ralph Wright, Soil Moisture Manager
Phone 780.427.3556
Deb Werk, Research Technologist
Phone 403.381.5915
Karen Yakimishyn, Livestock Environment Engineer
Phone 403.340.5495

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