"Swath Grazing: Interesting Concept But Does It Pay?"

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 Swath grazing is widely recognized as a feeding strategy with significant potential to reduce beef cow herd and backgrounding costs. Whether or not it will work for individual producers boils down to answering the question of "will it pay?"
Until now, however, the economics of swath grazing have not been clear. During the winter of 2001, an AgriProfit$ Cost and Returns analysis was undertaken with a group of Central Alberta producers to examine productivity, management and economics issues associated with adopting swath grazing as viable alternative to feeding cattle in drylot.

The AgriProfit$ analysis documents the costs and benefits related to the establishment and grazing of cereal swaths as compared those costs incurred drylot feeding for a cross-section of producers actively involved with swath grazing. The case study report shows that knowledge of production costs and risks, put into a budget analysis, will help producers assess whether or not swath grazing is a profitable venture on their farm.

Click here to download this AgriProfit$ Technical Bulletin.
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